Monday, September 19, 2011

Jalie Jeans Take Two

Photo evidence to the contrary, I do not feel like I just got run over by a steam roller. It was a beautiful evening, and we took a canoe and the kayak out on the water for one last hurrah before the cold really sets in. AND I wore my new jeans today, my second pair of Jalie's stretch jeans. You can see the first pair here.

Changes I made this time:
1. Made the mid-rise instead of low rise. I like this waistline much, much better, although somewhere in between the two might be closer to perfect.
2. Swapped the straight waistband for a curved one which I knew fit me (from Burda 9-2009-113).
3. Did some extra interfacing (both sides of the fly).
4. Lengthened the legs by three inches. This may not even be enough if they shrink much.

Making these was pretty straightforward since I feel like I've sewn a hundred pairs of jeans now, mostly for my boys. Have you ever taken in the waistband on a pair of boys' jeans? I did once, and prefer to make them from scratch instead.

Bandana fabric makes me happy.

So do birds. Now that it's all put together, I'm thinking the bird and birdhouse are a little too cute. Ah, well. There's always the next pair...

Total cost of jeans: about $7.00

Stretch jeans: Jalie 2908
Stretch denim:
Snap button: cleaner's supply
Rivet heads: grommet mart [These are great rivets, but I can't get the pins to bend, so I used the cheap Dritz pins with them instead].
Rivet pins: Dritz


  1. They look great! It's so interesting to see how different our versions of the same pattern can be (ok I did some pretty terrible things to my versions ;) )

  2. They look amazing. perfect fit. All the perfect jeans you all are making are giving me a jeans phobia.

  3. They look fantastic. I love the back pockets... looks great.

  4. Great jeans! I like the bird and birdhouse - for days when you need a bit of whimsy, maybe?

  5. Great job and nice fit. How sweet to have a fantastic fitting and comfortable pair of jeans for $7.00!

  6. I love the waistband & hte birds! So cool :o)

  7. The pockets are adorable! And the jeans look very professionally made. Fit looks great too!

  8. The jeans look great! Trying to alter an existing pair of jeans is a pain in the ***. Much easier to start from scratch!

  9. They look great. I really like the bandanna fabric! Good choice :O).

  10. Wow, total respect. These look fantastic!

  11. I am so amused by your pocket directions! Adorable. The jeans look great (and so do you).


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