Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little John and Robin Hood Were Walking Through the Forest...

There's nothing like a scuffle in the forest to commemorate my 300th blog post!

Here's the last installment of our Renaissance Costumes and my favorite by far. Putting these together may have been more fun for me than actually going to the Renaissance Festival will be!

The boys absolutely love them. I'm glad that at ages 9 and 10 they don't think they're too old for costumes.

We went back in our woods for a more rustic photo shoot than usual.

I made the very simple hats out of felt using a video tutorial put together by a school teacher. In other words, it'd be easy to whip up twenty of these.

The capes (Ottobre 4-2004-30) are made of soft brown upholstery fabric with metallic gold woven throughout.

The reverse side is black crepe backed satin. I used 1 yard each for the lining and the shell and about 4 yards (!) of bias tape for each cape.

The vests are my favorite. The pattern is for outdoor vests from Ottobre 1-2004-25 (I plan to make the outdoor vests, too, in the near future) but I eliminated all the details and added eyelets and lacing. I experimented with a cut-on dagging decoration for the brown vest (will post a tutorial on that later).
The pants are a basic elastic waist pattern (Ottobre 1-2009-21).

The tunics are from Burda 7-2009-138 and are actually a variation of the djellabah (beach cover-up) pattern I used for Molly's Friar Tuck costume. I made the green one first and discovered the slit is extremely low and Peter insisted I stitch it up part-way (the pattern calls for a sort of fly, but I omitted it). I shortened the slit/placket for the brown version.

All the green and brown fabrics are cotton homespun.

Robin Hood and Little John are friends now.


  1. I love the costumes! All of them for the girls and boys! How fun!! Bravo, well done!

  2. You've got Halloween all sewn up!

  3. What fabulous costumes, and the photos are terrific.

  4. Wow Joy, they are amazing and the boys clearly love them. Great photos too :-) Are you and hubby dressing up as well?

  5. Rachelle - No, we're wearing "modern" clothes!

  6. Awesome. And they can play dress-up for years!

  7. Great costumes. Have a blast at your renaissance day!

  8. Awesome job whipping all of these costumes out Joy. The kids look ready for a fantastic time. Poor Molly's feet sticking out of the upholstery tubes put a smile on my face, once I realized it was a situation where you could all laugh too:) I'm sure your kids will be telling that story for years to come!

  9. LOVE! And you're going to have a beautiful weekend, weather wise, perfect for the Fest!

  10. All the kids' costumes look amazing! I love Robin Hood, and I'm flabergasted at how well all these turned out! Great job, Joy!

  11. These are amazing. They look very authentic indeed. Have a great renaissance day.

  12. Congratulations on your 300th blog post, and wow! these costumes, all 5 of them, are absolutely brilliant! The children look just fantastic, and you've done a marvellous job. Friar Tuck is completely adorable...
    Best of luck for a great weekend for the festival!!

  13. How adorable! I just love the photo shoot.


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