Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vacationing Sans Sewing Machine

The last time we went on a real vacation, when Molly was a tiny infant, I brought along some pattern magazines and actually traced a lot of patterns while Molly was napping instead of miniature golfing. But on our recent trip to the North Shore of Minnesota, I just brought along my emergency hobby (knitting), but made only a few inches of scarf progress.

Here are some more scenes from our trip. Above: the garbage dumpster pays homage to our Nordic roots.

The world's tiniest information center. We got some very useful free maps here.

This is the view from the lake cabin we rented. The shoreline was rocky, not sandy, which made it challenging for wading, but the lake was very shallow and so narrow here that the older kids could swim across the lake.

In the distance: the Sawtooth Mountains. They are more like big hills.

Minnesota's state bird: the Common Loon. (The state bird is not really the mosquito.)

Peter's first kayaking experience; I guess he's a natural.

Wild blueberries.

Alex (younger brother) tried out kayaking, too, and that was a (nerve-wracking) experience for us! But if you're going to try kayaking, you might as well do it in a shallow, quiet lake, rather than a river.


  1. What a fun time. Its so great your kids are learning to swim and be in water as children. I never learned as a kid. sighhh. I can dog paddle but lets just say I don't go in water without a life jacket, ever :O). Honeyman swims like a darn fish! He has always said he would teach me but I have never taken him up on it. I should!

  2. What a beautiful area the cabin is in! Looks like the kids had a great time.

  3. What a cool post, thanks so much for sharing :-)

  4. It looks wonderful! What a great place for some family fun!

  5. Fun pictures! Were the blueberries extra sweet?

  6. Looks like a great vacation! I was quite amused that the thumbnail photo that showed up was a dumpster.


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