Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blaze Orange, Part 1

Hunting season is rapidly approaching. My husband has been going hunting with his family for years and has always worn blaze orange items gleaned from the big green bin of random garments. This year he'd rather have some things that actually fit, but balked at the store prices for hunting gear.

Then came the lightbulb moment. You can BUY blaze orange fabric! You won't be surprised that no blaze orange was to be found in my stash, so a shopping trip to S.R. Harris was in order.

Garment number one is a basic t-shirt (Jalie 2918) for the (unlikely) event that it's too warm to wear a jacket. Plain orange is a little boring, so my husband printed this logo off the web and I stenciled the design to the shirt.

And what do you do when you notice both your serger and coverstitcher have orange thread? Make orange pajamas, of course!

I ordered this bohemianesque waffle knit from a while ago intending to make myself a shirt. When it came in the mail, I noticed the gold swirls were actually letters which said, "Apple Bottoms". Hmmm.... So Sara got a nightgown (Ottobre 6-2009-36).


  1. What?? You don't want to wear a shirt that says "apple bottoms"?? :) I really like that nightgown goes together really quick. Which reminds me that my girls need new nightgowns. The blaze orange shirt looks like it fits good!

  2. Rofl that's the funniest Internet fabric story I've heard. It makes a cute nightgown. I love the Jalie top and wow, the stencil is so great. It looks awesome. (rofl = roll on the floor laughing, in txt language here in NZ - just in case it's not an international thing)

  3. Both are really nice and surely appreciated. I do know blaze orange is available because when buying online it's impossible to tell if a fabric is not blaze orange. For a while my son really liked orange, so I've accumulated a few pieces of it. I also remember the apple bottoms fabrics. I noticed the script and googled it at the time and it was or still is a clothing line that embraces the physique. I think I did order a couple other thermals from that batch and probably used them for the same pattern, too. Internet fabric shopping--not always what you'd buy in person.

  4. You don't want to wear a top with "Apple Bottoms" swirled all over it?

    I like the hunting shirt- very cool. What paint/method did you use for stenciling? I have a few shirts to do for the husby...

  5. "Apple Bottoms" Ha Ha, I don't think I'd want to wear that on a t-shirt either :) The stenciling looks great on the blaze orange shirt and Sara's pjs are super cute.

  6. What a great shirt you made! The stencil looks super cool. I can imagine that your husband is very pleased indeed!


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