Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Coat with the Giant Buttons

This is my nod to Carolyn's photography prowess. I think she calls this something like shaded sunlight (?). I'm sure I'm missing some key photography rules here, but it was a great excuse to tramp around in our backyard a little before it's blanketed with snow.

When I ordered these wooden buttons, I didn't quite realize how gigantic they would be. However, I love their quirky giantness. It makes me think of something a woodland fairy would wear. The button maker also had similar smaller buttons which worked great for the sleeve tabs.

My photographer couldn't resist the tree.

Those who know me well know I'm terrible at following written instructions. I remember my third grade teacher making a note of that.....I wasn't reformed though, since my husband always mocks me when, in the middle of cooking supper, I realize that what I've been doing doesn't look much like what I was supposed to be doing. I guess I'll never learn my lesson, though, since nobody starves in our house, and sewing projects usually turn out all right.

I should add here that Burda's instructions are so incomprehensible for this jacket, I'm glad I didn't try harder to follow them.

I forgot to add the ease pleat and I bagged out the hem (I think the layers were supposed to be hemmed separately). I was surprised that the pattern didn't make the lining pieces (at the hem and sleeve length) shorter to pull the outer fabric in a little.

I added belt loops - I have enough things to keep track of without adding a belt into the mix.

My favorite feature of this jacket is the interesting sleeve construction. It was not my favorite part to sew, since the corner was tricky to sew without puckering (the top of the two seam intersections in the photo). It's definitely best to start at the corner and sew out, then start again at the corner for the other side.

This cut-on/kimono-like sleeve is very comfortable to wear. Even though I have the world's squarest shoulders, this coat fits great without any alterations at all.

Sleeve tab with small wooden button.

I really like the shape of the collar, too.

One dislike: I would prefer the sleeves and the coat to be a little longer.

Verdict: I'll have a lot of fun wearing this coat. It's in my favorite color and it's super comfortable.

Lightweight wedgewood blue twill.
Plaid flannel.
Jacket (Burda 8-2010-103).
Wooden buttons: Etsy shop Wooden Artist.


  1. very nice! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets halfway through something and then realizes, "Oh. That was supposed to have a ZIPPER in it...."

    Fine. I might be the only one who does that. Whatever.

    I love this coat on you! I might have to look at this pattern more closely, this came out really nice!

  2. The jacket looks great. Love the sleeves, the collar and the buttons too.

    I get the same way with instructions too. I always figure I will read them when I need help (but usually it is too late!)

  3. Love it! The buttons are really awesome. you are totally channeling Carolyn with your pics. They look great.

  4. I absolutely love this color, too! So much so, I painted my kitchen wedgewood blue. The giant buttons are a perfect touch.

  5. I love your jacket, the buttons are terrific, and your lining details are lovely. I am interested to read that you find the kimono sleeves comfortable, because I am pretty sure I could challenge you for that square shoulder ranking. The fit looks very good. Is the outer twill fabric cotton or something else?

  6. I love this jacket - so quirky! The colours of the wood go so well with the pale blue of the jacket and the lining is a good match. If it were mine, I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to repeat the colour of the wood in a little decorative running hand stitch like a top stitch down the front and round the collar, using embroidery floss.

    Great job with all those details.

  7. Really lovely and yet practical! I think it looks like something very expensive with the wonderful design features. It's a great shape, and adore the lining. Gosh I'm gushing! Love it!!

  8. I like this a lot! Everything- the cool buttons (thanks for the source) and the cut, as well as your pretty plaid lining.

  9. Another amazing project and the buttons really do make it. I have a hard time with the direction thing too. I think this is because when I am really enjoying a project, I find it really hard to switch from thinking through the puzzle to reading somebody else's solution. But in the case of Burda directions, I really think it is best to consult them as little as possible.

  10. It's a fantastic jacket! It really showcases the wooden buttons.

  11. Love those buttons -- what a find!! Beautiful jacket. Looks great on you.

  12. Those buttons are a very groovy touch. I have square shoulders too so often find kimono sleeves a bit restricting. I can understand why it's your favourite colour - it looks so lovely on you!

  13. Really nice job on this coat! The buttons are so unique and all the little details are executed superbly. Great job with your outdoor photos too!

  14. Wow! this jacket is absolutely gorgeous!! and I loooove the wooden buttons too. This colour is amazing on you, so I can see why it is your favourite colour... looks lovely with your colouring. (and thanks for the mention re photography, and your photographer is doing an amazing job there! I would called that dappled sunlight, hehe, and it shows up your jacket and the details wonderfully. And is that really your backyard? You have the most beautiful back yard too!

  15. I love the jacket and the buttons are a real must have!


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