Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Insert Eyelets using a Snap Pliers

I made these vests for my boys' Little John and Robin Hood Costumes. I really love how the eyelets and lacing looks. It's not a detail I use too often...maybe I should look for more opportunities.

Eyelets are extremely easy to install with a Prym Vario Snap Pliers. I got my plier kit a few years ago at Atlanta Thread. The kit even comes with a large variety of snaps and eyelets.

Here's a visual aid on how to do it:

Step 1: Measure and mark the eyelet placement.

Step 2: Snap in the correct plier attachments for punching a hole in fabric. The kit includes a picture diagram so you know which parts to use when.

Step 3: Center the pliers over the marking and squeeze to punch the hole.

Step 4: Switch out the hole punching attachments for the eyelet attachments.

Step 5: With your fingers, push an eyelet through the hole. It should be a tight fit. Here's the front view.

And the back view.

Step 6: Center the pliers around the eyelet (with metal attachment on reverse side, plastic on top) and squeeze firmly.

Voila! Front side.
Reverse side.

Two shiny rows of eyelets.

And laced.

The whole process should take a few minutes, or a little longer if you have a kid helping you!

Note I did not interface my fabric for the costumes I made since I had two layers of medium weight fabric.

However, interfacing would be a good idea for a thinner woven and especially for a knit, which can easily pull and stretch allowing the eyelet to simply fall out.


  1. This was great to see, I have been curious about this process!

  2. Your plier attachment looks like a fun little gadget to have. The results are very good!

  3. interesting. i've never bought an eyelet set because I have so little need for them. Now seeing how easy it is to line them up, I'm wishing it was so easy to get snaps lined up properly! I use those a lot. I might have to rethink the eyelet thing....

  4. Those pliers look so much nicer than my Dritz plastic things! Your eyelets went in so well.


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