Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spotted Jackets

Here I go assembly line style again - the fastest, but not necessarily most interesting, way to accumulate garments.

Every time we would walk by the Minky in our fabric store (labeled there as "cuddle fleece") the girls would lean into its softness and wish they could bring it home. One day I gave in because it was on sale and let them pick their color.

I bought only two yards, intending to make jackets for the older two, but was really pleased to see I could fit a third little jacket on the fabric. It's a good thing, too, since Molly loves her jacket the most.

Cuddle fleece/Minky from Mill End Textiles
"Hooded Velour Sweater" from Ottobre 1-2004-14
Zippers from Cleaner's Supply


  1. Cute :O) and I know soft! Those will be some comfy jackets to wear.

  2. Very cute! My girls really enjoy matching clothes too. I think they look sweet that way. I'll feel a little sad when they outgrow it.

  3. They are gorgeous. Love the polka dots. Love the minky :-)

  4. Very cute. Your eldest daughter looks just like you.


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