Friday, November 11, 2011

Corduroy Appreciation

Have you been wearing corduroy today to celebrate 11/11/11, the day that "most resembles corduroy"? I have. I've been wearing my tan cords made from Burda 9-2009-113.

Being a cordophile, it's not surprising that I stumbled upon the Corduroy Club sometime last year. I didn't join, but maybe I should?

I remember my love of corduroy began in 3rd grade with a pair of light grey, pin wale corduroy elastic waist pants which I wore as often as I could. This was the eighties, the era of stirrup knit pants and bright bulky sweaters. But these wonderful, comfy pants with the appealing vertical ridges blinded me to fashion. Or it could be they transcended fashion.

I was really hoping to finish a whimsical 1970s corduroy jacket with blue birds in time for 11/11/11, but haven't even had time to prepare the pattern. Hopefully you'll see it soon.

Are you relieved I didn't buy enough fabric for matching pants?


  1. That fabric is too cute! My 80s uniform was skin tight pants and handknit (bulky!) sweaters. I had a pair of watermelon pink pin-wale cords that I loved so much. Although how I could breathe, let alone sit half a day in school in them is beyond me now!

  2. Naa! I'd love to see you in a whole suit! The fabric is really cute.

  3. OH! Wow! I had no idea it was Corduroy Day, I like it.. Sigh... There will never be another day like it.

    Very very very cool fabric. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. LOVE the birds! Soooo neat! :)

  5. Adorable fabric!! I'm a rabid corduroy fan too... but 11th November is already reserved for Remembrance Day in Australia. But it is cute idea! :)
    (and I hope you do make a green cardigan too...)

  6. Defnitely transcends fashion. Corduroy is so comfy and textural you can momentarily forget that you might look like a total dweeb in those wide wale overalls. Thankfully my students were too young to care when I was sporting those when I first started teaching.

    Your corduroy looks like it will make a very cute jacket.

  7. That fabric is too cute. I'm a bit of a cord fan too. I don't tend to wear it though as it's too hot for the tropics. I am drawn to it however, when I make bags and other accessories.

  8. What a fun print! And I actually didn't know about Corduroy Appreciation Day until partway through the day of, sadly. I guess I know for next year, now, even though it won't be quite as cool...

    I used to wear corduroy pants a lot in high school, since they fit our no blue jeans dress code. Now I'm more prone to wear corduroy jackets-- I actually have one in the box to make this fall/winter!


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