Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roger M.

Just a year ago I made matching trench coats for my boys, the spy duo. Spying is dirty and dangerous business and tragedy struck when boy #2's coat became so dirty it needed washing. The tragedy happened when the lining fabric (even though I'd prewashed it) bled and turned the coat a nasty, splotchy green color.

He was so sad, I promised him a new one. I may have forgotten about it, but he never did! So here's the new one.

Last time, I used a twill, but for this coat I used some nice cotton gabardine. It has a slight sheen to it, and is a much better quality (and yet cost less).

I love all the details on this coat and, this being the third time I've made it, they went more quickly.
Do you recognize these buttons? Alex fell in love with the buttons I used on my blue jacket, and luckily I had enough left over.

The lining is flannel and I used twill tape for the hanger loop.

The lining and shell are hemmed separately, which is much speedier than bagging the hem and squeezing the coat through a hole in the sleeve.

Storm flap.

One happy detective.

Gabardine: Mill End Textiles 1.25 yards @ $1.60/yd.
Flannel: Mill End Textiles 1 yard @ $2.99/yd
Buttons: Wooden Artist
Roger M. Trenchcoat: Ottobre 4-2009-27


  1. He looks like a happy detective.

  2. love it - I should make one for my boys

  3. Great coat! I think I would have cried if so much work were ruined. Can't you dye no.1?

  4. Oh my gosh, what a generous mommy! A detailed trench coat with customised buttons, wow! It's fantastic.

  5. awesome! i love the plaid lining and buttons.

  6. These trench coats are getting better and better, and the first ones were fabulous already. Have you graded up to the next size?

  7. SO fun. I love all of the little details you put into it, and you can tell from the pictures that he really enjoys wearing it!

  8. Uta - I hadn't thought of dyeing the fabric until my husband had the idea...after I'd cut out the new coat. I suppose it's not too late for the old one!

    kbenco - Last year, I graded the pattern up to a size too big so, conveniently, it's the right size this year.

  9. That is amazing, you are so clever and your little detective looks just the part.
    The buttons look perfect!

  10. I love those buttons. You are such a great mom! I would have loved to have had my own spy coat at that age. Actually, I wouldn't mind one right now...

  11. That is just AWESOME. Especially with the wooden buttons.

  12. Pure awesomeness! Love the lining in this one.

  13. Success!. Amazing mom and a lucky son!


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