Friday, December 9, 2011

Blueberry Stripes

I've been sewing a lot, among other things, but falling behind on the blogging front. The question is, how do you prioritize when everything is a priority? A funeral and Christmas cookies came higher on the list this week.

Speaking of Christmas cookies, my kids wanted a non-traditional chocolate frosting. No red and green cookies this year!
Also higher on the list was this little romper for a friends' baby. I recently got to see two long-time friends who each had fresh babies. You can see the first outfit I made here. I used the same pattern here, but added sleeves to make a quicker-to-make one-piece outfit.

To add sleeves, I traced a new armscye and sleeves from a knit shirt pattern, as armscyes in sleeved garments are different from those in sleeveless.

No, the stripes on either side of the invisible zip don't match perfectly. After two tries, I despaired of ever lining them up, especially after realizing I'd forgotten to stabilize the area.

I still think it's cute, though. I remember some similar stripey rompers my boys had as toddlers.

To round out the gifts, I added some bibs from my bib stash. I had to make up a few more boyish ones, though.

Bibs: self-drafted
Bib flannels: Mill End Textiles and an unknown fabric store in small town North Carolina
Mustikka Romper (modified): Ottobre 6-2009-4
Striped jersey: Chez Ami


  1. so cute! I just had some of that lining up on either side of zipper angst myself. There must be a secret.

  2. The stripes are close enough! I particularly like the cowboy print bib. So cute!

  3. There is nothing like a baby in stripes! Love it.

  4. The romper is adorable. Lovely gift with the bibs.

  5. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be following a sewing blog, I'd have said you were... okay I won't say it even now. But the time has finally come for me to ask, "How in the world do you pronounce the unlikely series of letters: 'a-r-m-s-c-y-e'???" And what IS it? Where does such an awkward word (please forgive me) come from?

  6. Heh, heh. Well, it's pronounced "arm's eye", which is essentially what it is. It's a fancy word for armhole.

  7. It's a cute romper - I'm sure your friend will love the gift.


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