Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Floral Dress and a Frozen Lake

Molly's so happy I made her a dress. Somehow it happens she has only two dresses, despite having two older sisters. I really wonder if I lost a box of toddler clothes when we moved 2 years ago. Ah well, never despair when you have a sewing machine!

I'm trying to use my beautiful Chez Ami fabrics instead of saving them forever. They're so much more enjoyable running around on a toddler than hiding in a cupboard.

The Ottobre magazines I have are very sparse on dress patterns for the toddler size. Molly's size 92 now, just at the end of the baby sizes. I like this dress a lot, but I do think it's challenging to find two fabrics that coordinate nicely.

Shoulder darts

The funny thing about this pattern? It has shoulder darts AND elbow darts. What a great way to get the perfect fit for the 2 year old shape!

I used an orange zipper from stash. I would have loved to use a solid orange for the hem panels, but there's not much orange hiding in my stash. Blaze orange camo, yes. Orange twill, no.

Elbow dart (just above the hem panel)

Floral Dress: Ottobre 4-2004-12
Floral twill: Chez Ami
Unpleasant poly/cotton twill: Mill End Textiles

And a scene from our daily lives: our lake, our daughter, and our plastic chair.

We've had an unusually warm winter thus far (setting some records) and very little snow. Last year several feet of snow covered the lake at this time, but now it's clear and great for learning to skate. (Don't worry. The ice is very thick - you can see air bubbles frozen into the ice at least 8 inches deep. By February, it will be 2 feet thick or more.)

When it does snow, we'll resort to one of the nearby outdoor skating rinks. I love Minnesota's dedication to the Great Outdoors; there are parks and nature areas within walking/biking distance of wherever you live.


  1. That's a lovely dress on a gorgeous little girl!

    Learning to ice skate on a frozen lake is pretty cool. I've been trying to convince the kids to try ice skating but the oldest (K) has an aversion to any kind of skates after a disasterous attempt at roller skating.:)

  2. What a beautiful smile! She really loves the dress. And why not? It's super cute.
    Your frozen lake picture is amazing!

  3. What a lovely dress, and the pretty girl makes it even cuter! Well done! :)
    I love the frozen lake. We have temperatures arond 12C so no outdoor skating for us (yet)...
    I wish you a wonderful and creative 2012!

  4. Molly's such a sunshine, and I love the dress! Ottobre's attention to detail like shoulder darts really sets it apart IMO. I'd love to skate outside; we hardly get frozen lakes here though.

  5. Adorable dress for a beautiful little girl :-)

  6. The dress is real cute, but Molly is adorable!!! What a cute little person you have there!!!

  7. so cute! i love it :) and yay for ice skating - i learned how skate on a lake near my house when i was growing up as well. it's so much fun. :)

  8. Such a lovely little dress and I love the fabric.
    I would have loved to have had a frozen lake to skate on when I was little.It never gets that icy here.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  9. I didn't know this pattern had darts! So nice! And the lake is amazing!

  10. The dress and Molly are so cute. Happy New Year.

  11. Adorable! The smile on her face made me smile too!
    Such a magnificent lake, but 20cm of ice? oh my. Goes without saying that is a complete unknown where I live!

  12. Cute! The lake skating looks great!

  13. I can't imagine what it must be like to live next to a frozen lake like that in the winter. It is pretty cool you can take advantage of it during the summer and the winter though! Molly's dress is really cute and I always love to see her modeling what you make. Have a Happy New Year!


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