Monday, December 12, 2011

Pajamas, a Refashion, and some Embroidery

I made some pajama pants for myself a while ago and, while I liked the fabric, the rise was so short/low that they were too annoying to wear even for pajamas. I've made the pattern since for myself and it worked fine after I added several inches' height to the waist.

So, I traced the same pattern in the smallest size (plus height to the waist) and my pj pants became a Sara sized pair, or rather a size too big since I didn't feel like downsizing the pattern. The crazy thing is that, even though Sara is clearly a lot smaller than me, there wasn't a lot of fabric to spare when I placed the new pattern pieces on the old pants. It surprised me, but then I haven't done much refashioning.

The shirt is raglan-sleeved, but the shape of the raglan seam is interesting.

You can see the seam a little better in the back view. It's also obvious that Sara's an inverted triangle! She got her red hair from Dad and her shape from me.

And check out this embroidered heart my 11 year old son did. This is his first attempt. Maybe when he's not climbing trees, I can have him embellishing my projects for me!

Raglan sleeve top: Villi Viikinki Undershirt (Ottobre 6-2010-15).
Darla pajama pants: Ottobre 6-2009-39.
Cotton fabric: Mill End Textiles.
Cotton jerseys


  1. New PJs are always nice. As a regular triangle, I would love to be an inverted triangle! Isn't that always the way? lol

  2. The pants fabric is so pretty, and Sara is such a good model! Yay for embroidering sons. Couldn't you make that a homeschooling requirement? (One embellishment a day towards graduation credits...?)


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