Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintage Fashion for a 5 Year Old

Do you consider 1977 vintage? In my mind, it's vintage. The only problem is that definition puts me squarely in the vintage category.

My poor 5 year old is a victim of my various fabricated ideas (pun intended).

This latest outfit is from a 1977 Simplicity pattern. The pants are plain elastic waist pants, which are much wider-legged than modern pairs. The waist is also right at the natural waist, which Grace is not used to.

The blouse has gathered sleevecaps, pleats in the bodice, and a tied split neck. The pattern's method for inserting the ties in the seam between the bodice and the facing held the ties for about 30 seconds. I had to stitch them all on again on the inside.

The sleeve hems are supposed to be elasticated, but I liked the bell shape they had, so just gave them a narrow hem.
I think this is the first vintage envelope pattern I've sewn. I'm looking forward to delving into my 1977 Burda magazine soon.

Purple corduroy: Mill End Textiles
Cotton woven:
Pattern: Simplicity 8216 (from 1977).


  1. Too cute! I remember that I loved my '77 fashion, bell-bottoms, corduroy, waistcoats and all. (I was 7 yo then.)

  2. I think vintage and antique are sliding windows with vintage about 20 years ago and antique 100 years. So yeah vintage. Which BTW puts you and me in the same category even though I have another 20 years on you.

    Love Grace's outfit. Having grown up with the normal waistband right at the waistline, I always find the below-the-waist garments slightly uncomfortable. In a few more years, she'll be able to tell you what she likes. Right now and even then, it's important that she tries them all.

  3. Yep, I'm vintage too. Gorgeous little top, so cute.

  4. great looking outfit for a sweet little girl!

  5. How cute. Kiddy vintage. She looks adorable.

  6. This is really cute. She could be me in 1977, I was five the!

  7. I was also 5 in 1977 - love the outfit on her!

  8. Very lovely daughter in lovely clothes! I suppose even 80-s and 90-s are vintage now, it depends on age.

  9. I think this era has the best girls fashions ever. I loved being a 70's girl and wearing all those great clothes my mom made! Your daughters don't know how lucky they are.

  10. Cute! I love the shape of that top. I'd love one in my size.


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