Thursday, January 5, 2012

Checked Vintage Romper

It's hard to pick out favorite items from an entire year of sewing but this romper, made at the end of the year, would make the list.

Giant checks + vintage overalls + enthusiastic 2 year old = happy sewist.

The overalls are from a 1975 Simplicity pattern. The legs are fairly wide, but not very bell-shaped. The bodice has a good-sized facing, which is always nice. I've been tracing some Burdas the last few nights, rolling my eyes at the teeny tiny facings, wondering if I will even use them.

Molly loves them, although at her age I think she'd be excited about anything I made her. Every two year old should have "romper" in her vocabulary, no?

I'd like to make the shortall version this summer. And wouldn't it look cute with a pointy collared blouse underneath?

Giant checked twill: Chez Ami
Giant blue buttons: Chez Ami
Overalls: 1975 Simplicity 7322


  1. She look this happy and you've matched the lines really well.

  2. There are some absolutely gorgeous vintage childrens wear patterns...I just wish that I had someone to make them for!The fabric is just perfect for these rompers.I wouldn't mind a pair for myself as they look so comfy..lucky Molly!!

  3. There very cute, but the best part of this post is Molly's huge smile!

  4. That romper is just adorable! The short version for summer will be super cute!

  5. Awwww, so sweet! I love rompers - I just wish they didn't grow out of wanting them. You matched the plaid ever so well.

  6. Very cute! And like others, I am highly impressed with your plaid matching, especially on an item for a two year old!

  7. Adorable! Girl and Romper, both. Is that the original hand-on-hips modelling pose? Way to go!

  8. I absolutely love this romper! I love overalls, and I would totally wear this exact same thing in my size! Too cute!


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