Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hilda Hooded Dress

When Molly's not wearing her swimsuit and a tutu, her strong preference is for "soft and cozy". I have to admit, her swimsuits have "disappeared" from her drawer, since watching her walk around in her swimsuit now that it's winter makes me feel cold and uncomfortable on her behalf. I don't feel too cruel, since she has a full Rubbermaid tote of (warmer) dress-up clothes at her disposal.

I'm happy Chez Ami did my fabric coordinating for me here. Otherwise, I would most likely have gone with a solid color for the leggings. The top is cotton jersey - a little thinner than I expected. And the coordinating striped fabric is cotton/lycra.

Ottobre calls this a dress, but it's more of a tunic length. I like the hood and kangaroo pocket style. And Molly thinks if the top has a hood, then she should wear it.

The hood is unlined - I think I prefer lined hoods, even though they're a little heavier. In this case, you want to have a very neat hem since the stitching is easily visible.

Jersey: Chez Ami
Cotton/lycra knit: Chez Ami
Hilda Hooded Dress (Ottobre 6-2007-27)
Lily Leggings (Ottobre 6-2007-28)


  1. Hm, I may have to raid my rubber maid bins for this fabric and do something this cute!!

  2. I want one !
    And how cute are these photos? Adorable!!

  3. I agree, it is more like a tunic. But a very cute tunic, especially with those coordinating striped leggings. Thinking of bathing suits, this would make a nice beach cover up in the summer. Or at least for the windy wild beaches with have in Britain, not sure how cool it is on the MN lakes.

  4. Adorable! These are one of my favorite play clothes patterns for girls.

    It's amusing that Molly has been wearing her swimsuits a lot. BK has been begging to go on the slip n slide or swimming in the lake at Grandma's for the past few weeks. And while it's not as cold as MN it's still too cold to be outside and wet! Maybe Molly and BK need to join the Polar Bear Club.:)

  5. Very cute! That's funny that she likes to wear her swimsuits year round, maybe your should try to make her a long sleeve leotard or something.

  6. Oh she does look so cute and cosy! I just love the long length on that dress/tunic, and love those mix of patterns, floral with stripes. They are amazing together. Very lovely little ensemble!

  7. Molly is the cutest thing!! Her outfit is adorable as well :O)


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