Monday, January 2, 2012

Stats for Your Inner Nerd: Version 2011

It's that time of year again. I always like fresh beginnings. Evaluate the old; make a fresh start.

I wouldn't say I have a lot of new goals for sewing. I'll probably try some new techniques and work on some fitting and drafting.

The big thing I hope to do this year is to organize my recipes and do better meal planning. One of my kids eats a special diet (no grains, starches, sugar, or dairy, and some other things), which means every single thing he eats is made from scratch. Being better organized is the only thing I can think of that will make that a little easier.

But, on to the statistics, which is what you're all waiting for!

All the charts below are drawn from the info in the spreadsheet I use to record everything I sew (pattern, yardage, size, recipient, etc.). I did all the sewing and my husband (spreadsheet guru) did all the charts you see, which took him about 20 minutes. I also contributed opinions on bar chart color schemes.

In total, I sewed 166 items, using 174.4 yards of fabric. That doesn't include 1 unblogged wadder, Hot Patterns' All Wrapped Up Tank, the free download.

Items and Yards sewn by month

Pattern companies used. Burdastyle refers to the magazine. Japanese is a catch-all category of magazines and books. Do you think I've gotten my money's worth from my Ottobre magazines?

Garment types sewn. Yes, I did have a pantsuit category! More pantsuits to come!

Who benefited from my sewing? At least I made for my husband than I did for "Home Sweet Home".

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers!


  1. Oh, so much nerdy fun! I love all the visuals and I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of items you sewed this year. Happy new year!

  2. I love stats. The best thing about these stats is that everyone benefitted from your creations and I was pleased to see that you benefitted the most. I love the Ottobre reviews you've done the best. Happy New year.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of yardage and a lot of statistics! I never remember to keep track of how many yards I've used.

  4. Wow! Nerdy and Fantastic and sooo interesting. I'm inspired to go start some spreadsheets of my own...

    And wow wow wow for sheer number of pieces!

  5. Wow, what amazing productivity and awe inspiring record keeping :D I think your hubby's stats don't reflect the fact that what you made him was absolutely incredible! His category should definitely get bonus points. Happy New Year :-D

  6. Very nerdy - and so wonderful! I always think I should do a spreadsheet but never get around to it. I love how you were able to track and graph everything though. You sure accomplished a lot of sewing in 2011!

  7. This is just so nerdy but very interesting...far too complex a concept for me to cope with!
    I am all for being more organised too.Wishing you lots of happy sewing in the year ahead!

  8. Very interesting - was fascinated to see you get a good number in for yourself because you always seem to be whipping up something for the kids.

    oh wow, your son's diet is even more restricted than mine - at least my son is allowed starch! still, are you doing his diet too? I found the best motivator to find new and interesting things for him was to make myself do it too (mind you, I am not mother to 5 - I bet you've got a lot of different palates to please in the mix there)

  9. The graphs are lots of fun. You have been productive! I am guessing that girl three is the youngest and receives lots of hand-me-downs. My youngest is still young enough to like handmedowns. I showed my husband your husband's hunting gear. He was very impressed! He thought you and your family were Scandinavian. I explained that Minnesota is nearly Scandanavia!
    Have a terrific 2012!

  10. That is fascinating. Are you sure you ever sleep? Also, do you make these statistics "just because", or do you take any action on the results? Happy New Year!

  11. These kinds of posts thrill my inner nerd!:) I especially like the yardage/garment chart. What happened with the All wrapped up tank? I've looked at that pattern a couple of times and have it bookmarked as a possible top for me. Did you not like the style or was there a flaw in the pattern?

  12. I am so impressed with your stats! Wow! And also at how unselfish you. My pie chart for that one would be 99% me, 1% other. Heh. Love following your projects and looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2012.

  13. That is the most fabulous sewing nerdiness I've ever seen.

  14. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I love that you did these charts and graphs to summarize your year of sewing! And wow, pantsuits?


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