Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Take on the Hilda Tunic

First off, my husband surprised me with an "early Valentine's gift": my own domain. (He's very excited about this!). You should automatically be redirected to instead of the blogspot address. It should all be one nice smooth transition process. Except my sidebar of inspiration (blogs I read) has mysteriously disappeared. If it doesn't magically reappear soon, I'll have to rebuild it.

Now back to the topic of sewing... Grace loved her little sister's outfit so much she wanted the exact same one. Luckily since Chez Ami forces you to buy in increments of 2 yards, I actually had enough yardage to make an identical outfit, this time Grace-sized, for her birthday.

Grace is six now and getting taller and slimming down from her toddler shape. Usually I can't tell what she really looks like under the wacky layers of garments she chooses to wear. I suppose she'll outgrow that soon and decide she wants to wear all black and no dresses, like her older sister.

I made one change to the pattern this time and lined the hood. It's beefier and so much nicer this way. This jersey isn't as substantial as I would have expected and Molly got a hole in the tunic during the first wearing, right in the front bodice. (I ironed a piece of interfacing over the small hole on the inside and left it at that.) The lycra/jersey used in the leggings seems to be really good quality, though.

Chez Ami jersey and cotton/lycra jersey.
Hilda Hooded Dress (Ottobre 6-2007-27).
Lily Leggings (Ottobre 6-2007-28).


  1. They look adorable! I love dressing children the same...too much Sound of Music? I will update my blogroll with your new address, just to be sure. Though, I must say, I was redirected seamlessly. Nice prezzy from your husband:-)

  2. Hurrah on getting your own domain! Congratulations! Always fun to type fewer letters to get the same effect. This said by the person who uses her Chinese name online because she's too lazy to type her other, real-er name with twice as many letters.

  3. Adorable both the outfits and the models. :O)

  4. Congrats on having your own domain! Hurray!

    That's so sweet that big sister wanted to match little sister.:) The girls are adorable in their matching outfits.

  5. I love the matching sister stage. The tunics and leggsings combination is so practical,and the fabrics you have chosen are pretty. The girls look really sweet together.

  6. Yay on your own domain. I stopped by yesterday to use your blogroll and noticed they were missing then.

    Love the matching outfit. I think it is sweet that Grace wanted to copy her younger sister, isn't it usually the other way round?

  7. They look so much alike! Very cute outfits. I love the stripey leggings.

  8. Congratulations of getting your own domain name.
    The girls look really happy in these outfits.

  9. Congrats on getting a new domain! I did get this in my Google Reader feed (which is pretty much how I read everything unless I click through for a comment), so, so far so good.

    Cute outfits for the girls!

  10. Congratulations, now you have a blog that's all grown up :) The girls look adorable; I love it when mine (boy and girl, alas) dress in a similar style.

  11. They're too cute! I really love the hoodies. I wonder if I have this issue...

    Congrats on the domain name! I got you in Reader, too. So it looks like it is working well.

  12. That's adorable! My girls will occasionally consent to wearing the same clothes, but it's becoming less and less common...

    I love how bizarre kids' fashion choices can be. Syo was out and about this afternoon in winter boots, knee-socks, cut-off shorts, her parka, and motorcycle goggles. >_<

    No trouble with the redirect here :)

  13. Wonderful outfits for your girls! Lovely photos too.


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