Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jalie Hoodie

I feel like I've had a slow start to the year, this being only the second garment I've made myself. Sewing for birthdays or "occasions" interrupts my normal wardrobe sewing and makes my brain disorganized.

That being the case, I'm glad to report a success with one of Jalie's most recent patterns. I'd be even happier if I hadn't stained the shirt twice already, but maybe I'll just have to make another one soon.

It's more than a typical hoodie because it has nice shaping and doesn't look like a bulky sweatshirt. The hood is fairly large and comes farther forward than you'd expect because it's built into the v-neckline.

I stitched one size larger than the size indicated by my measurements, and I'm glad I did because of the weight of the fabric (interlock with some stretch). If I used a stable interlock or sweatshirting, I might even go up another size. For a t-shirt weight, I'm sure it'd be fine in my regular size. But, gee, do I really want to trace three sizes?

The tunic has a number of options:
-hood or banded v-neck
-3/4 or short sleeve
-tunic or long tunic length
-with or without pocket
-oh, I almost forgot there's a nursing panel option, which isn't on my radar

I lengthened the sleeves to full length, adding maybe 5 inches. I just used another sleeve pattern to compare. The "estimate" method hasn't always worked for me in the past (:

What you see is the shorter length. The longer version would be really long. I like the length I have now, but might try it shorter, too, particularly for a short sleeve version.

One drawback to using a wimpier-than-sweatshirting fabric is that the kangaroo pocket feels less sturdy and putting my hands in really pulls the shirt down. This fabric wanted to ripple when I stitched the kangaroo pocket in place, so it might be a good idea to interface for certain fabrics.

Final verdict is that I love it - part of the reason is that I like the fabric as well.

Jalie 3132
Lilac interlock knit with some give to it: Mill End Textiles


  1. This is a great basic top. I love the color, so pretty!

  2. This looks like the sort of basic pattern that you could make again, and again and customise. Nice!

  3. I agree with you. This style and the fabric really works for you.

  4. awesome hoodie, joy! doesn't it feel good to sew for yourself? i know exactly what you mean. :D

  5. That is a cool looking hoodie, and the color is very nice on you. Thanks for the info on this pattern (as if I need more!).

  6. The shaping with this hoodie is really nice! I love how the hood connects into the v-neck. So glad you were able to get something awesome made for you!

  7. Gosh - I really like this! I'm definitely ordering this pattern! Great job - yours is fantastic on you!

  8. I love your hoodie! it looks wonderful.

  9. That's a great fitting shirt in a very nice color.

    Thanks for the review.


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