Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Image Dress

It's still crazy birthday month (4 birthdays in a month) and I've been doing birthday sewing. Handmade clothes do make great gifts.

But I decided to squeeze in a dress for myself to try out a new pattern magazine. My Image Magazine offered me a copy of their women's magazine (plus a kids' issue) to review. I thought I'd give it a try since I actually like a lot of the designs.

This dress is on the cover of the spring/summer 2012 issue. The little cap sleeves and the very subtle v-neck really appealed to me. Plus, there are really interesting darts which I thought would look neat in this embroidered cotton with a circle design. Unfortunately, the embroidery hides the darts pretty well!

I muslined the dress (gasp!), my first muslin in years. It was a good idea to test my standard shoulder alterations for a new pattern company, plus I rarely make fitted dresses. My muslin fit perfectly, which was fairly surprising since I rather trepidly downgraded the pattern two sizes.

But my muslin fabric was drapier than this stiffish cotton and I'm getting a little wrinklage in the back view and the side-view hump is the invisible zip curving outward. Any advice about that? The wrinkles resemble pulling, but there seems to be plenty of ease. Maybe I should have used the linen I was considering.

Above you can see the interesting front darts and you can imagine how fun it was to grade them! However, it worked fine and I think they give a great shape to the dress.

Embroidered cotton: Mill End Textiles
Cap-sleeve dress: My Image spring/summer 2012 #M1204.

Here's the cover of the spring/summer issue. In another post, I'll give a proper review of the magazine as compared to the other pattern magazines I've used.

What else have I been doing besides sewing? I've been teaching my oldest violin. Here's he's learning the D scale and loving it. He wasn't as eager two years ago when I bought the violin. But the 1/2 size violin is just right for a tiny 11 year old.


  1. How brave you were to grade this pattern with those darts...I would never have attempted it!Perhaps the curvyness of the zip is due to the fabric? perhaps if you had used the linen it might have behaved differently.It still looks a very pretty dress just waiting for the arrival of spring!Gorgeous colour too!!

  2. Great dress! If would be great to see some accessories with it. Such a 'minimalistic' design is screaming for some pimping :-)

    I already bought this magazine a few weeks ago from their site
    Great to have an other player...and a good one too....

  3. I'm amazed you were able to grade that pattern! It is a nice dress. Sometimes I have the same zipper hump problem. I've never figured out what I am supposed to do about it. I wonder if the zipper was too long, or the fabric to thin?

  4. This looks lovely. It will be a very versatile pattern, a change of fabric would give you a completely different look.

  5. This is a great style on you. I've only done some simple grading so you definitely have a great skill.
    For the back wrinkles, I do a sway back adjustment on the pattern. Draw a horizontal line across the back and fold out 2cm at the centre back and take it to 0cm at the side seam. Then drop the back hem.
    I love dresses with french darts like the one your made too.

  6. Cute dress; I really like the cap sleeves. DS also wants to learn to play the violin; we've been waiting a while to make sure it's what he really wants, but he might get the "go ahead" this year. Sadly, I can't teach him :(

  7. Oh, I love this! It's like the perfect shift dress. Basic but with some really fun details. I love those curved darts. I bet a striped fabric would be really interesting. And I have that same issue with invisible zips at the back, too. I find that putting them in a side seam takes care of that issue but I hate putting them there. Really, really nice!

  8. Lovely dress! The shape looks wonderful on you.:) That's exciting that your oldest son is taking an interest in the violin.

  9. What a great silhouette for you. Those darts look really fun--I'm so with you though on the grading mess. D is such a great scale! So idiomatic for violin. I hope he continues to love it.

  10. What a wonderful dress. The grading would have challenged me too much...

  11. Oh, I love this dress too and can't wait to make it, those darts are really interesting.

  12. There is probably too much length in the back - it could be sway back, in which case pin a wedge in the lower back tapering to nothing at the the side seam or it could be the whole back is too long, in which case you'd pin an even tuck all the way over, removing some length from the front too so the side seams still match - you can probably pin on your dress to see how much you need to remove if the zipper will comply.

    Your dress is looking great!

  13. It looks great! I ordered from the same offer, and this is one that I've been considering---it hadn't actually occurred to me I'd have to grade it, though---oof. It sure looks great, though.

    My only thought about the bubble on the zipper might be interfacing the zip area before installing---I know this can help with bumps at the end of the zipper, no idea if it'd work in the middle.

  14. YES!!! the third generation (with one skip) to start sawing on a fiddle! But remember, get that scroll and peg box up there in front of your nose. Bad violin habits are just as hard to break as other bad habits.

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  16. First, I gotta say this color looks beautiful on you. The dress fits you wonderfully and looks so comfy and stylish for warm weather.

  17. Nice dress, Joy. Thank you for reviewing this dress. Soon I will try making something from the My Image pattern magazine. They have some really cute styles.

  18. I need to learn what sway back is exactly. I have a rtw dress that does exactly the same thing, fits in the front, but has issues in the back.
    I want to make the shorts in this issue.
    Anwyways, I started a flickr group for the my image & young image, if you are interested in adding any of your projects.

    1. Swayback would be a tilt of the pelvis creating the shape rather than a "full seat". I know I don't have a sway back, so in the case of this dress, something's going on with shoulder or upper back fit. What? I haven't figured that out yet (:


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