Friday, February 3, 2012

Scrapbooking Software Review and Giveaway

I was surprised a few weeks ago when My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software offered me a copy of their software PLUS a copy to give away. I was surprised because I don't consider myself very crafty, particularly in the scrapbooking sort of way (all of my pre-digital-camera-acquisition-photos live in shoeboxes and the rest are on my computer). Cutting and gluing don't hold as strong an attraction for me as they do for others and, besides that, I have a hard time cutting up photos.

However, digital scrapbooking is a whole 'nother story. Clicking the mouse can make your hand sore after a while, but it's not messy. And you can easily undo any ill-conceived design choices. there such a thing as digital sewing?

I took some time to review the software, creating some pages, trying out features, and figuring out how to export pages, etc. What follows are my own observations, along with samples of pages I made and photos of adorable kids.

1. I was expecting something simple, a little like picasa, but was pleased to see the software is very comprehensive. In fact, there's tons of stuff, which means it uses a lot of memory. My computer was happier to use the software once I shut down the 50 browsers I had open (:

I made a little book for Grace - one page for each year of her life.

2. You can choose to make your pages completely from scratch, choosing elements from the sidebar. Or you can choose a pre-made template.

3. Even if you choose a template, every element on the page is adjustable or removable.

4. It's easy to add photos from your computer. You click on "add photo", which opens up your folders; you select your photo, and it pops up on the page. You drag it over the photo "frame" and it automatically snaps into position. From there you can crop, resize, remove red eye, etc.

5. All the pages in the book you're making appear in miniature at the bottom of the screen and you can click and drag them to change their order.

6. Before you start, you can decide the size you want your pages to be, and a guide is placed on the screen to help you stay inside the parameters.

7. You can print a scrapbook through My Memories' printing service, save everything to a pdf and print on your own printer, or send it to an outside printer to be bound into a book.

8. It was easy to save my pages to a jpeg for my blog to show all of you.

I decided to make a 2011 Family Album. This is from our August vacation.

9. I like that the software is not proprietary: you can import outside content and print using your preferred printing service.

10. You can buy additional templates/designs to add to your software and there are a number of free downloads.

11. My Memories has created a number of tutorials to explain how to use all the different features.

12. Although there quite a few options, it didn't take me too long to get my bearings and create some pages. I think if you're familiar with the standard ways to resize photos, create word art, insert text boxes, that sort of thing, you'll have no trouble using the software.

My 9 year old (the artist in the family) was hanging over my shoulder hoping to try his hand at this new toy. I helped him find the photos on the computer, but he did the rest of the page below without a template.

Yes, he made a scrapbook page featuring....himself.

If you're curious about anything I forgot to mention, feel free to shoot me an email (look in my profile).

And now for the GIVEAWAY.

What you need to do:

1. Visit My Memories and look at the album templates available.

2. Leave a comment telling me the name of one of the templates you like most.

3. Make sure I have a way to contact you.

Friday, February 10, I will do a random drawing.

I'll email the winner a code to download a free copy of My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software.

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  1. yay! My daughter REALLY wants to try this. I like...."Little Boys Template". I think you have my email??? Thanks Joy for being the host.



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