Friday, March 2, 2012


My redhead turned 8!

She got the requisite age shirt and the black pants she's been requesting (black being her favorite color).

I've made the pants pattern (Neat Beat Pants from Ottobre 6-2007-17) 6 times now. The black fabric is a cotton sateen and a wonderful lint collector.

The t-shirt is a very basic shirt from Ottobre 4-2004-36. The same pattern piece is used for the front and back and the sleeves are symmetrical. Like I said, very basic. But the (thin) knit I used is a fun turquoise polka dot print, which makes up for a simple pattern and offsets the black pants nicely.

I almost made her a black shirt instead, but that probably would have been overkill!

We used to tame her crazy long red hair "Pebbles Flinstone" style.

Untamed hair. I was going to say "morning hair", but that looks more like lunch food than breakfast food.

Sara has a sweet and goofy personality. She loves gymnastics and is happy to spend all her time reading, if I let her, hence my joking nickname for her: Sara Kindle.

A shady shot of an appliqued 8.


  1. Happy Birthday Sara! Very cool b-day outfit.

  2. Happy birthday! A very stylish outfit, and I love the hair (what changed it ? ;-) )

    1. Thanks, Uta. Her hair really is the same way - it's just harder for it to stand up quite so much when it's long!

  3. Happy 8th birthday Sara..I hope it was a good one!! I love your outfit by the way.

  4. very cute - hope she had a fun birthday!

  5. Aww..what a cute outfit. Love the style of the eight. Eight is great!

  6. I hope Sara's 8th birthday was fun filled! Love the pics of her hair.:)

  7. I have to say again, I just love the birthday shirt idea! So cute!

  8. Happy birthday, Sara! Eight's a great age. I'll only have an eight year old for a few more months...

  9. A big Happy Birthday hug to Sara. Love the outfit.

  10. What a cutie! The lucky 8 ball is brilliant too.


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