Friday, March 30, 2012

Basics vs. Fun Items

Vacation is looming, so I really need to get cracking on some stitching. Otherwise I'll need to search the stores at the last minute for exactly what I want at just the right price, which gets harder to do the longer I sew.

So, I made a list of the absolute essentials and am relieved it's not long. The boys thought they had nothing to wear, but when I organized their drawers and helped them recover garments that had been stashed in odd places, it was revealed they have plenty of clothes to get them through a road trip.

All the kids need summer pjs; the girls need swimsuits, and girl #2 needed t-shirts. Now I can check the t-shirts off the list.

I'm always torn between sewing fun and interesting things and sewing basics. I like to make the basics, such as t-shirts and pjs. They cost me less. They save me the shopping effort. They fit better. The kids can get exactly what they want. And then there's the satisfaction of seeing the kids wear what I make everyday because, after all, they're basics.

But, as with housework, there's never a point where you're finished. You just have to decide to leave it for a while and do something different, or you never will.

Grace needed t-shirts and had a strong interest in a certain ruffly sleeve style. Ah, I have just the pattern! So she went shopping digging in my stash for fabric (and I added a solid white for good measure).
I really like this sleeve. It's hemmed, then shirred with elastic thread. The sleeve cap is gathered, too. So it's a little more time-consuming than a regular t-shirt. But oh-so-much-more-interesting, too.

Random knits. Some from Hobby Lobby and possibly Chez Ami.
Rosalind T-shirt (Ottobre 3-2009-29).

Also shown:
Jersey Shorts (Ottobre 3-2010-10).
Neat Beat Pants (Ottobre 6-2009-17).

In the pipeline: tweaks of my t-shirt slopers, swimsuits for the girls, summer pjs....and then something fun, probably summer dresses.

This week I've been trialing an Ottobre camisole and undies pattern for a swimsuit for myself. We'll see if that pans out. It looks promising.


  1. Love the shirts! The Rosalind pattern is one of my favorite patterns for girly t-shirts. off topic...but earlier today my Molly had on the long sleeved shirt I made from that same pink stripe fabric.:)

  2. Cindy - How funny. Go Hobby Lobby! That fabric must be 4 years old?

  3. Grace looks very smart with her new tops.
    You have chosen great fabrics :))

  4. Grace has a little capsule wardrobe going! The shirts are great. I know what you mean about sewing sometimes being quicker than slogging through the stores.

  5. Lovely tops! i like the ruffled sleeves.

  6. Your such an awesome mom! I can imagine how much fun it is to go "shopping" and then have your mom make exactly what you want.

  7. I remember that issue of Ottobre, so summery and pretty - as are your t-shirts. I hope you have a great vacation!

  8. I agree that it's hard to get the balance between sewing fun things and useful things.

    Good luck with the swimsuit!


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