Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Last of the Birthday Outfits...for a While

My littlest turned three. I wonder if she's caught on to the fact that everyone's been getting "age shirts". She seemed pleased but not surprised when she opened up the package to see her new outfit.

She refuses to wear anything but "cozy" pants, so leggings are in order instead of jeans. The commitment for those is 20 min. vs. 4+ hours, ha! I've never actually timed a pair of jeans since I certainly never make them in one sitting. I should do that (time them, I mean, not make them in one sitting).

The "3" is from the font "shagadelic", which my husband downloaded from somewhere. I never use it in documents, just on t-shirts.

The knits are Chez Ami: the polka dot is cotton jersey and the check is interlock. It amazes me the differences between fabrics labeled "interlock". Chez Ami's interlocks are thick and stable. But I'm working with a different "interlock" right now which almost like a rib knit and has some stretch to it.

Tilda Raglan Sleeve Dress (Ottobre 6-2007-27).
Lily Leggings (Ottobre 6-2007-28).

Next up:
A Jalie men's pattern and a dress from an indie pattern company.


  1. She looks really happy with her birthday outfit!

  2. Super cute and comfy! There's such an emphasis on children dressing like little adults these days... I much prefer Molly's style!

  3. She's so pretty in this outfit. I love her style too.

  4. So cute! I really love that you are sewing for your child. I can't even think of it, I have boys!She is very lucky to have you as her mom!

  5. Another sweet outfit and many happy returns to the birthday girl!

  6. Cute! I think I'm going to adopt the only wear "cozy" pants mantra ;)

  7. So cute! Happy Birthday to the little one.

  8. You've made so many lovely " age" tops, and all your recipients look so cute in them. I'd love an outfit like've got that cosy look nailed!


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