Monday, March 12, 2012

A Stripey Polo

Look! Our snow cover is almost gone. The rain today has almost taken care of it. (This is very unusual for March, but I'm ready for spring, anyway.)

My poor husband gets the smallest percentage of hand sewn goodness around here. That probably won't change much, hehe, unless he decides to do some stitching himself, but here's one contribution to his closet: a stripey polo shirt.

In a fit of insanity, I thought I should place the stripes running straight through the placket and the pocket. And the sleeves, too. The stripes look like they sort of match at the sleeves with the arms down, but they don't really. The truth is, in most shirts it's not even possible; in this one, the shoulder seam is forward and there's a yoke, which threw off my stripe matching efforts in the back somewhat.

Isn't it interesting there's a yoke in a knit shirt? Maybe I've been seeing them all the time and haven't noticed?

My husband likes his shirts roomier than Jalie's fit - I've found this to be true in other Jalie items I've made for him (per his measurements), so next time I'll probably add a little at the sides seams instead of going up a size, since the shoulder fit looks good.

As always, I like Jalie instructions. They have you sew guidelines and press folds here and there which were helpful in both the placket and the collar. Getting a neat collar in a knit (this is a pique knit) was tougher even than getting a neat placket. Although I liked Jalie's interesting collar construction, it was different from my usual. I do prefer doing the final stitching of the stand from the outside instead, so at the least the stitching on the outside is perfect, however the inside looks.

Conclusion? A winner pattern. Because the placket is more time consuming than, um, a neckband, I'm sure I'll make more crew and v-necks for the household men, but this pattern will get good use in years to come as well.

Pique knit:
Men's Polo: Jalie 3137


  1. I do love Jalie and I think DH would also love more sewing from moi. This shirt looks great on your husband. I'm glad you're getting more warm weather.

  2. Those stripes look good from this eand of the computer!

  3. I wish I could get stripes matching so perfectly like that!!
    Glad the snows going too !

  4. Forward shoulders are not what throws off stripe matching for sleeves: it's too much cap ease. Check out for an extensive discussion.

  5. I am impressed that you managed to get the stripes running through the placket so neatly! I've never sewn anything for my husband- I don't think he minds, though. I think he is probably afraid that I would try and he would be stuck having to pretend he liked it!

  6. Looks great. When you said Jalie menswear was next up, I was hoping it would be the polo. A back yoke is odd on a polo. My husband wears a lot of plain knit polos and non have yokes. Is it a full double layer like a dress shirt? I could see an advantage to that in a thin knit. The sample looks great and you really knocked yourself out with the stripe matching. I definitely wouldn't have attempted that on a first go round. The fit looks perfect to me, but good that you can easily adjust it to his taste.

  7. Jalie has a polo pattern? Thanks for bringing it to my attention. DH wears polos almost exclusively.
    I've picked you for a Versatile Blogger award. You can pick it up here:
    and then pass it along. Happy Tuesday!

  8. Jen - the yoke isn't a double layer, per the pattern, anyway. It could easily be eliminated by taping the pattern pieces together. There's no actual shaping involved.

  9. Karin - There's always that risk! Although he refuses to admit it, I notice my husband wears his wife-made clothes more around the house than out in public (:

  10. I've never noticed a yoke on knit shirts (little giggle...I inadvertently left the r out when I initially typed "shirts"). But then I'm not very observant! Looks great!

  11. I'm super impressed with your stripe matching. Looks perfect to me. Well done! The shirt looks like very comfy and stylish. I've not sewn knits for my husband yet. You are inspiring me! But perhaps without that tricky stripe matching ;)


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