Monday, March 19, 2012

Young Image Magazine Boys' Shorts

I'm not sure what to call these. Bermudas? Shorts? Cropped trousers? (We'll try not to use the word "capris"). My husband thinks the style is "European", while his personal style is more "American midwest". Whatever the case, Alex says he loves them and proved it by wearing them out in public. He wants me to make more pairs, too.

I actually shortened these a bit from the intended length, so I had to hem them right through the pocket-shaped patch. So if I'd lengthened them a little, they'd have been regular trousers.

For the fabric, I used the scraps leftover from hemming my linen Ikea curtains. I had two 3/4 yard pieces from the two panels I hemmed.

The front has the pocket-shaped patches and some sort of faux double pocket thing going on. The back panels are pieced, plus there's the yoke. Lots of details, as you can see from the line drawing below.

The fit is quite a bit slimmer than Ottobre, making them similar to Burda magazine's kid patterns. I didn't slim this pattern as I would have to for Otto, and the fit is really good with the addition of some elastic at the back waist. Interestingly, Young Image's patterns have 12 cm difference between sizes as opposed to the 6 cm difference for Burda and Ottobre.

How are the instructions? I thought the instructions were fine for the My Image dress I made, but I got lost fairly quickly with these and gave up. Another similarity to Burda, I guess (:

Textured linen: Ikea curtain scraps

Here a link to the line drawings of the garments in this issue.


  1. They're looking pretty good! And it's got to be the height of compliments when the intended wearer says they will not only wear them in public - but want you to make more. Win Win!

  2. Tyo had asked about these as soon as she saw them, too, but I hedged as they looked quite wide on the boy in the magazine and she's been wearing her pants girl-style (more fitted) this past year. They look really cute, and slimmer on your son, so I may have to rethink it. Hmm. Though I really like the girls' capris in that issue, too.

    They look great---and it's always awesome (kinda) when they want more...

  3. Tanit-yeah, I was surprised they're fairly slim, since neither the line drawing nor the mag photos look that slim. RTW "slim" pants are super baggy on Alex, too. The waist wasn't huge, either, but still needed the elastic.

  4. That's a really cool design, it would probably work well for girls too.

  5. What a great pair - and for scraps, even! I keep seeeing more of this magazine; for now I'm trying not to add another magazine-buying habit to my list (Burda and Ottobre is quite a lot), but it's hard!

  6. I'm with Uta...trying really hard to not add another magazine sub! The shorts look great on him.

  7. What an awesome looking pair of long shorts. The details are fantastic, and made in linen, so cool!

  8. I like 'em! They are sort of European, I've seen this style around the UK for a good 5 years at least now.

  9. That is a real compliment - he wears them in public. I know my husband loves this type of style as well. The pockets and design lines a just great.

  10. Really great summer shorts. We call these 3/4 shorts in New Zealand. I'm so pleased to hear you found the instructions difficult because I found your page trying to google for someone who had made the girl shorts Y1213 in the same magazine, The instructions for fitting the zipper were making my head spin!


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