Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hooded Paisley and 1977

I've been doing loads of cooking, utility sewing, and planning all in preparation for our trip. Regular blog participation will resume post-trip. But I did make something frivolous to just squeeze into PR's Vintage Pattern Contest deadline.

It has a hood. It's paisley. And the pattern hails from 1977. 1977 was a big year for me - learning to walk, talk, grasp small objects between my thumb and forefinger, things like that.

Despite studying (and drooling over) the pattern envelope so much, I was caught totally unawares that this "dress" is more of "poncho" style. Hello side view!!!

Actually, the pattern includes optional gussets, but the bodice was still gapey enough to require a shirt underneath, so I decided to leave them off altogether.

Funny, though, the gussets are meant to attach with snaps, making them truly optional. Keep them in your purse, and if you're chilled by a "gusset" of wind, pull out your gussets and snap them in place!
The side seams are stitched to just below the waist, and the waist ties cinch the dress shut. I really could stitch the dress up further -to mid-bodice - and it wouldn't be too tight. (Yeah, you can see some of the white bias tape seam finish sticking out.)

I love the dress except for the back view. Maybe that part would be improved by stitching up the side seams further?

I do like the end result. It'll be fun for summer. But needing to wear a shirt underneath makes it not quite the sundress I had envisioned.

My evil Morgana look.

I think this is the first envelope pattern I've made myself, not counting the sweatshirt I made in 7th grade in school. (That was so long ago, I have NO memories of making it! Or maybe I'm selectively blocking memories from that era, I don't know.)

Because of the shape (or shapelessness) I felt comfortable making it straight out of the envelope, even cutting into my lovely paisley lawn. I did a slight square shoulder adjustment in the seam allowances, which was unnecessary, it appears.

I interlined the whole thing with a poly/cotton batiste. I think I'll stay away from cheap poly/blend batiste in the future. Let's just say it doesn't have the same melting point as cotton lawn!

1977 Simplicity 7927.

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