Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hooded Paisley and 1977

I've been doing loads of cooking, utility sewing, and planning all in preparation for our trip. Regular blog participation will resume post-trip. But I did make something frivolous to just squeeze into PR's Vintage Pattern Contest deadline.

It has a hood. It's paisley. And the pattern hails from 1977. 1977 was a big year for me - learning to walk, talk, grasp small objects between my thumb and forefinger, things like that.

Despite studying (and drooling over) the pattern envelope so much, I was caught totally unawares that this "dress" is more of "poncho" style. Hello side view!!!

Actually, the pattern includes optional gussets, but the bodice was still gapey enough to require a shirt underneath, so I decided to leave them off altogether.

Funny, though, the gussets are meant to attach with snaps, making them truly optional. Keep them in your purse, and if you're chilled by a "gusset" of wind, pull out your gussets and snap them in place!
The side seams are stitched to just below the waist, and the waist ties cinch the dress shut. I really could stitch the dress up further -to mid-bodice - and it wouldn't be too tight. (Yeah, you can see some of the white bias tape seam finish sticking out.)

I love the dress except for the back view. Maybe that part would be improved by stitching up the side seams further?

I do like the end result. It'll be fun for summer. But needing to wear a shirt underneath makes it not quite the sundress I had envisioned.

My evil Morgana look.

I think this is the first envelope pattern I've made myself, not counting the sweatshirt I made in 7th grade in school. (That was so long ago, I have NO memories of making it! Or maybe I'm selectively blocking memories from that era, I don't know.)

Because of the shape (or shapelessness) I felt comfortable making it straight out of the envelope, even cutting into my lovely paisley lawn. I did a slight square shoulder adjustment in the seam allowances, which was unnecessary, it appears.

I interlined the whole thing with a poly/cotton batiste. I think I'll stay away from cheap poly/blend batiste in the future. Let's just say it doesn't have the same melting point as cotton lawn!

1977 Simplicity 7927.


  1. Yay! You did find time to sew! Now go enjoy your vacation!

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  3. I think this is gorgeous...but I might leave the hood off if this was for me.I love the side ties too.
    1977 saw me taking my O'levels (just managed to scrape five of them) so that makes me feel very old!

  4. This is a really pretty dress. It's funny how sometimes the details of an opening slips by you until diving into a pattern. I had this happen with some bat sleeves, but you pulled it off in style with the tank. Love the hood. Have fun on your vacation.

  5. I think it's a great casual/vacation dress. I also love the idea of snap-on gussets; who thought that up? Have a fun trip!

  6. I'm really pleased you were able to make a vintage piece for yourself amongst all the work you do keeping your family going.
    I like the evil Morgana reference too.

  7. Hey, I think I spent 1977 doing some of those same least the early part of '77.;)
    The lawn print is gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  8. In 1977 I was married and living in northeast Washington far from civilization. I an still married and still a ways from civilization. !!

    I have been feeling bored by fashion lately but this dress has ignited me. I love it. It is perfect.

  9. Oh fun! I love the construction of this. It would make a great beach cover-up. Very neat.

  10. It's a great dress to take on vacation. Casual with a bit of a twist, but not too kooky. Enjoy your family vacation!

  11. In 1977 I was learning colors and numbers, I imagine (not being quite ready for letters yet). What a fun dress--the hood is a great feature.

  12. What an unusual design! Almost a hooded pinafore? I can imagine wearing this at the weekend as a hooded apron - very handy for nipping out to fetch the washing in if it rains while I am baking some bread... yeah I have a good imagination! But seriously I think it has a very practical side as well as being "fun"!


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