Sunday, May 27, 2012

1981 Peasant

I had a lot of fun making this one. And this is one of the few cases where I've actually purchased a fabric intended for a certain pattern and then made it up in fairly short order.

This fabric shouted "70's" to me, so I thought of the vintage peasant top pattern I had. Little sister got the same fabric in yellow. How soon will I sew that one up?

When I make a garment for the kids it seems it is either a complete fail or a complete success - meaning they never wear it or they wear it non-stop so I never want to see it again.

This red shirt fall in the "success" category. I'm sure the fabric's already fading from the wash.

The sleeves are raglan and the neck has an elastic casing. Surprisingly, the pattern guide for elastic length was just right!

I chose the view with the cute sleeve ties and learned a new technique in the process. I won't try to describe it in words, but it was kind of like a waistband finish with each band using an inside and outer layer.

The pattern, Simplicity 5394, is from 1981. I guess it's not 70's after all.

I did end up making a skirt to match since Sara's current skirts are either wildly printed or wildly colored. Oops, need to make more basics.


  1. Love it! You did a great job and it does not look 1981 at all.

    1. Thanks! "Not 1981" is a good thing!

  2. It's a great shirt- and she looks so cute in it too!

  3. Cute! Love those sleeves!

  4. This top is a huge success and very now.

  5. That print is perfect for the top! I love the opening on the sleeve and the tie. Has a definite '70s feel.:)

  6. Oh, I love those wins! I had to peel Syo forcibly out of her two favourite mom-mades last night for the bath (and then send her back to change when she put the same clothes on again after)

    That shirt is totally cute. And the pattern totally 70s, although I have similar peasant-shirt patterns going back to the 50s and up to the 90s, so I guess it's one of those timeless styles. I love the tie-sleeves.

    I worry so much about stitching up the adorable older patterns and having my kids think they're just dated and awful. So good to know it can be done! :)

  7. I love everything about this- the fabric, the pattern, the sleeves. Well done!

  8. Adorable! That fabric is just darling.


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