Friday, July 6, 2012

Beach Duds

For once, I've made something other than swimsuits for beachwear. These should last a lot longer than swimsuits since they're fairly size non-specific.

The pattern is from the June 2012 issue of Burdastyle. I don't know how it's happened, but I haven't sewn any Burda for a while. That's partly because I've been making an effort this year to sew my unused patterns.

 Anyway, the pattern comes in three sizes, but the difference between the sizes is almost negligible. So all my girls got the same size beach poncho. Now, the girls come in three very different sizes! I think the fit looks best on the middle girl (in blue). It works fine on big sister, too, but Molly was tripping a little on hers.

The style is your basic poncho - a rectangle on a fold, with a hole cut out for the head (or hood, in this case). The sides are partially seamed, and everything's finished with bias tape.

That's a lot of bias tape! It took me about 10 seconds to decide I didn't want to go the mental effort of deciphering, so I ignored Burda's instructions for how to finish the neck vee and the side slits with bias tape and went with the intuitive method (i.e. "my way").

Finishing the hood/neck slit circle in the round gives a nice, clean finish.

Once we settled the disagreement over who could have the blue one, the girls enjoyed wearing their "personal towels" after swimming lessons

Beach ponchos: Burda 6-2012-149.
Terrycloth from Mill End Textiles (1 1/2 yards per poncho).


  1. Personal towels! I love it!
    The girls are so cute. I bet they wear the heck out of those ponchos.

  2. Cute and practical! Love the idea of a hoodie for added warmth.

  3. They look awesome. I love the contrast of the binding.

  4. These look perfect for tossing on straight out of the pool or lake!

  5. Those will be very handy I bet! They are great.

  6. I love how all three are in the same size! Very cute for personal towels.

  7. They look like they're jumping for joy in their new towels.


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