Monday, August 20, 2012

Yet another border print and 6 pairs of pants

Do you keep track of your sewing projects? I keep mine in a spreadsheet for the year, and noticed that in the last 6 weeks, I've stitched 25 Ottobre garments in a row! That's all kid sewing, mind you. I enjoyed making myself a Jalie top this weekend, which I show you soon.

This brown one has been worn and washed multiple times, now. It's a raglan sleeve and the sleeves (front and back) are gathered to the raglan seam. Very cute, but a little lost in the print.

Interestingly, the neckline is faced but the top edges are left raw. So there's a double layer raw edge, which is coverstitched close to the edge. I almost ignored the instructions and 'did it my own way', but reconsidered. Why not try something new?  It doesn't look any worse for all those washes.

Pattern is Frenchie Stripes T-shirt (Ottobre 1-2011-30). It's 3/4 sleeved, but I shortened the sleeves.

I gave Sara free choice from my personal fabric stores, and she chose my favorite border print knit, gah!

The striped shirt is Daisy T-shirt (Ottobre 1-2008-39). With these two shirts, I overcame my temporary hatred of clear elastic and have now sworn to use it anytime I ever have to gather something. It's so easy to get perfectly gathered fabric - at least compared to the traditional method

After the shirts, I went crazy and made 6 pairs of my favorite Ottobre pants, the Neat Beat Pants (6-2009-17). The girls got 3 matching pairs - denim, khaki, and navy twill.

But this time I added back pockets and I really love how they look now.

I've made so many of these, Grace will *only* wear pants with front yokes and elastic in the back. They must be really comfortable.

The navy twill pairs . . .

The lightweight khaki stretch twill pairs . . .

This is just one of the 'model' shots she  insisted I take.  

And the denim pairs . . .


  1. Wow, that's some serious sewing. Great work!

  2. At least your children look impeccable and have great fashion taste. They must take after their wonderful Mum :)

  3. You have been so busy, and your girls look adorable in their sweet new clothes! I take my hat off to you, sewing all your children't clothes as well as your own; bravo! And I'm impressed that you have a spreadsheet to keep track of you handmade garments. I just have my blog.

  4. great outfits as do certainly keep very busy making everyone's clothes! I have used clear elastic to gather and never particularly got on with it but perhaps there is a knack I have yet to discover!!

  5. It is very impressive that you sew your children's clothes, these are lovely garments and make a very pretty and practical mini wardrobe for each girl, how lucky they are!

  6. You need to hide your favorite fabrics before letting the kids loose in your stash!lol The tops look great and I LOVE the Neat Beat pants with pockets!

  7. Hah! DD almost didn't let me sew my recent pajama pants because she wanted the fabric for herself, so I feel for you. Great garments, and pants is the best TNT to have anyway!

  8. I am SO impressed (as always) by your practical kids' clothes sewing. You are so inspiring, thank you Joy!

  9. Your Jalie top and the children's clothes are so cute! You did a great job on all of it. I am impressed that you keep your projects on a spreadsheet and that you have accomplished so much sewing in such a short period of time. Super woman!!


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