Monday, October 8, 2012

Polar Paws

Life's been very full lately, so I'm happy to say I did not forget how to find my own blog on the internet. I have a lot of blog reading catch-up to do, but I'll be coming around to visit you soon!

The cooler weather (we had snow flurries yesterday) has inspired me to dig out the polar fleece scraps and my stash of winterwear patterns. Given my sewing sparsity lately, I thought it'd be good to start with the easiest winter pattern: mittens.

In fact, I made the mittens in my husband's size, because when you are sewing fingers, larger means easier. This pattern has only three pieces: 1 thumb, 1 mitten on a fold, and 1 cuff. And the thumb is symmetrical, so you don't have to worry about attaching it to the wrong-handed mitten.

The "cuff" piece is ribbing which is zigzagged to the inside to cinch up the wrist area. This is done in the flat before the mittens sides are stitched up. A soft elastic could be used instead of ribbing, especially since it would have better recovery.

And then the mitten is hemmed with a zigzag.

Here's a view of the inside. The pattern includes 1/8" seam allowances and the seams are left unfinished.

My husbands loves his new mittens  - and it was a funny coincidence that I was stitching these football print mitts while he was watching the Vikings game.

I'm eager to try the glove view shown below. These gloves and mittens will be a good companion to the pattern from Controlled Exposure for shell overmitts.

Polar Paws: Green Pepper #508
Polar fleece scraps - for adult size large, I needed just a smidge over a third of a yard (12 inches) for the height of the mitten, but would be able to get two pairs from the width of the fabric


  1. How cute. I do understand that sewing fingers is best when the hands are big. Good choice!

    1. My kids are the ones who really need the gloves and mittens, so we'll see how that goes....!

  2. Glad to see you back to sewing! The mittens look nice and warm.:)

  3. They look great! I've never had any luck with mitten sewing--that is no one has ever wanted to wear the ones I've made. I'll be curious to hear about the controlled exposure pattern, I had my eye on that at one point.


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