Saturday, December 15, 2012

Once There Were Three Hobbits

It feels like the Shire around here. Except our doors are, unfortunately, rectangular instead of round; we eat only three meals a day; and are entirely incapable of blowing smoke rings.

I made Peter (in the middle) his costume this summer, but thought it'd be fun to have a couple more costumes in honor of Sara's inaugural reading of The Hobbit. And, oh yeah, the movie came out yesterday.

Once again, I used all Ottobre patterns for the costumes, and really didn't have to alter much. The pants were cropped to hobbit length.

Sara's costume was a pre-movie surprise. So I placed her costume on her dresser for her to see when she woke up in the morning - except I hadn't finished the "hobbit maiden skirt" I'd cut out. But I should have known, she desperately preferred hobbit pants to any kind of skirt, hence the third pair of hobbit pants (very easy to make, at least).

Alex's vest is identical to Peter's, except bigger. It is Onni Vest (Ottobre 6-2007-20). I had to upgrade this pattern 3 sizes for the length - that's the first time I've upgraded so many sizes and it did work fine.

The fabric is a gold flecked upholstery, which I also used for Robin Hood capes I while back. Lined with navy satin.

Sara's vest is from Ottobre 1-2008-36 (Juliet vest). I was sorely disappointed to have only 4 brass buttons instead of 8, but being short on time, and (amazingly) having made everything else from my stash, I didn't want to buy more. It's faux double breasted, so the bottom of the vest does swing out a bit without the other two rows of buttons keeping it in alignment.

I used my handy-dandy snap pliers to punch holes and apply eyelets. The laced flaps are separate pieces sewn into the back princess seam.

The shell is embroidered upholstery fabric and it's also lined with navy satin.

And since I'd cut out the skirt pieces, I decided to stitch it up anyway. I have two more girls, so somebody's bound to wear it on a hobbit adventure. 

The top portion of the skirt is a yoke, and the overskirt (blue) is attached at the yoke. I don't really like wide expanse of tan before you get to the rest of the skirt. You can't see it well, but the outerskirt is gathered at the side front. The skirt is Double-Layer Skirt (Ottobre 2-2008-33).

 And lastly, the blouse (Amanda Blouse - Ottobre 6-2007-15). I really like this blouse, and may make it again for everyday wear. It has a Peter Pan collar and the bodice is slightly gathered to the front yoke.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hearty Sweatsuits

Greetings from the North. Lots of sewing has been happening, but so have many other things, so photo-taking's been at a minimum. 

Well, I have to admit I've taken a lot of bird photos. I've spotted 140 species this year so far. Especially exciting was photographing the Pacific Loon, an ocean bird, on a Minnesota lake. Minnesota is nowhere an ocean.

Maybe because of winter's onslaught, I've been stitching up lots of cozy clothing, especially pants for the girls.

I've made this hooded sweatshirt (Ottobre 1-2004-14) numerous times, but I think this is the first time I've done the Jump Sweatpants (1-2008-19), which have a wide yoga-style waistband.

I'm happy to have finally used up my super stiff 2" elastic (ribbed non-roll). My new roll, knitted, is so much softer. I'll have to take note of how much it rolls during wear.

After a dry, warm fall and early winter, we suddenly got over 13 inches of snow in one day. Wahoo!

My outdoor photo spot. Farewell till spring.

 And the sun sets on our winter wonderland.


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