Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brought to You by the Year 1948

1948 was a good year. After all, velcro was invented in 1948. Think how we have all benefited from that invention. You're missing out if you haven't seen the Velcro Song video.

But something else happened in 1948: McCall printed #7462: Boys' Two-Piece Pajamas. 
We're 65 years too late to enjoy it as a new-release but, like wine and cheese, patterns have so much more charm when they're vintage.

The size in the envelope is a size 10 and both my boys are hovering around a size 10 RTW (although I personally classify them in Ottobre sizes!).

The pajamas are definitely charming. I looked around online for classic boys' pajamas in linen and seersucker (the fabrics you see above), and I could find almost nothing similar. What I did find was sold in children's boutiques .... at boutique prices.

You can see the pjs are very roomy. The pants would fit me. All the better for tossing and turning OR sleeping like a log. (Like most brothers, I suppose, these two are opposites in every way. One's a pensive insomniac; the other's out like a light....once he stops talking.)

The kid on the left was squirming from the prickly linen, so hopefully it softens up in the wash. I'll put some vinegar in with it.

The kid on the right was so excited he said he couldn't wait to go to bed. (He then retracted his hasty statement.)

And last, but not least....Thanks, Erica, for giving me this pattern!


  1. These look great - from a 65 year old pattern they are still current in style...PJ's will never go out of did well to get the boys to stand still for the photos...J

  2. Classic patterns like this do work well when you make them up. They then become a special piece in your wardrobe.
    And the boys look comfy in their new pjs.

  3. I love this! They look great. They need some fancy 1940s slippers now!

  4. Those look like they are comfortable. Nice to see the pattern sewn up. My son loves his button up jammies

  5. What a great pattern, ♥ the boys too! :)
    You might want to try a soak in hair conditioner to stop the prickly. I do that all the time with wool items and it might work for linnen too. Just take a basin, put in lukewarm water and about twice the amount of hairconditioner you would use for your hair. Let soak for 5 min. Do not rinse! Just roll up in a towel and squeeze the water out, or use the washing machine to spin and dry however you like. Hope it helps! ♥

  6. They look like boutique pyjamas, very smart and classic.

  7. These pajamas are so cute, and I am very impressed by the cooperativeness of your models.

  8. These are great! And your models are adorable! (Or is that offensive to size 10 boys?) I sometimes wonder why there isn't just one shop that has affordable and classic basics.

  9. The pajamas look great on your 2 handsome models! I love classic looking pjs like these.:)

  10. Those are great. Your boys remind me of my oldest two - very close in size (hovering 10/12 in RTW) and total sleep opposites.


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