Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I think I can say my girls have the most unique leotards in their gymnastics club. And at $2-3 per suit, no doubt the least expensive.

All the girls wanted new leotards and spent an afternoon draping my nylon/lycra fabrics around the sewing room. But, this time it's just the one with no older sister (and thus no handmedowns) who gets the new suits.

The black and white checks are not so dizzying in real life. I can't decide whether I like the check or the floral better.

This is a great suit and pretty quick to sew up, but I forgot that last time I made the pattern, we found the legs were too snug - not dreadfully tight, but a little uncomfortable, despite the thinness of the wearer. That may be personal preference since my other girls didn't mind so much. Hopefully, though, I remember to adjust that next time.

This is Jalie 3138. It gives guidelines for general size by age and height, plus the usual bust/waist/height measurements. But the really good thing is that they give an additional measurement for torso length, making it easy for me to accommodate for a longer torso here without doing a muslin first.


  1. Both versions look great. I like the trim you've used for the outline. Your girls must look really 'Olympic-ready' in their unitards.

    1. Thanks, I like these two fabrics. The trims (bindings) are really "luck of the stash", as I'm sure you're familiar with (:

  2. Cute! I'm sure she will tumble faster for wearing these!

  3. I am plumping for the checks as my favourite but I also like the flowers! I presume you constructed these on the overlocker as they need so much stretch?

  4. They both look amazing on her. Can't beat this workout gear sewing for money saving potential.

  5. Both unitards are fantastic! And much better than any I've seen in the store.;)

  6. These are wonderful I love the florals!

  7. These are great! So much better than the expensive ones they sell at the gym.

  8. These are so adorable! The floral is my favorite--so exuberant.

  9. These are both super cute! and no doubt are far better quality than the expensive ones you buy in the shop :)

  10. Awesome unitards, they look terrific.

  11. You have been busy, jeans, tops, leotards! Your DD is so cute :O)...
    I am rare in blogging land right now but trying to get around as I can :O)


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