Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fleece Sport Jacket

My favorite fabric store is a sort of warehouse: concrete floors and exposed ductwork, with bolts and rolls piled on tables and in bins. But that's fine with me, since "fabric" is "beauty" in my mind. Part of the fleece section has 6 ft. rolls standing on end. It's kind of fun to lug your roll up to the fabric counter like a construction worker. Well, my boys think it's fun to carry, while I'm afraid they'll knock someone over with a roll of fleece.

When I spotted this double-sided fleece on a 6 ft. roll, I knew it was going to be Jalie 2679. The fabric is pretty neat, but it ends up having a huge downside: it's so tightly woven it's like inflexible felt. It won't breathe and doesn't stretch.

While I like my results, I'll probably want to make the jacket again in a better-chosen fabric.

If I remember correctly, I chose one size above my measurements (good thing, considering the fabric doesn't stretch). I did this because Jalie always runs slim-fitting in my experience.

The jacket lends itself to a variety of color-blocking options. The zippered side pockets sit just a little higher than usual because of the bottom hem-band.

In my opinion, Jalie's illustrated instructions are the best in the business (or maybe they just randomly think like I do - brilliant!). They are numbered step-by-step and keyed to the illustrations. Also, I really like that they have you stitch guidelines in preparation for trickier steps - in this case the zippered pockets.

My zippered pockets were a comedy of errors this time around. After installing the zips, I lost the zipper pull off the end of one and couldn't get it back on again for the life of me. So, I put in two NEW zippers (not having any more to match the remaining good one). One of them was backwards. So I ripped it off and put it on backwards again. Haha. Time to go to bed.

Anyway, it's a great classic pattern which I'll be able to use for years to come - including for my girls.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Stripy Tunic and Flannel Stashbusting

I think this is one of my favorite Ottobre makes in a while. In an effort to help Sara branch out from wearing a black turtleneck and jeans every single day (she has more than one black turtleneck), I made her a tunic and leggings last week. So now I've made her another tunic, this one more to her liking because it has black.

The skirt is pleated in both the back and front, and Sara was pleased to find there are inseam pockets. Very cozy!

It was kind of interesting to do the v-neck with a fairly wide piece of ribbing. It works the same as with narrower binding, but it's, uh, wider, haha.

The black and gray stripe is a soft jersey from Girl Charlee.

And in an effort to get rid of some of the 1 yard pieces of flannel clogging my cupboard, I cranked out some winter jammies. You can't make much with 1 yard of 44" inch fabric, unless you're a serious crafter (I'm not, apparently.) Yeah, I made only 4 sets. The fifth kid didn't complain, so it's all good.

Above, they're pretending to be tired.

Then, I told them to "make a muscle". I think Alex misheard me and thought I said, "Do yoga."

Patterns used:
Stripy Lines Tunic (Ottobre 6-2011-27)
various Ottobre pajama pants and tops

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Paisley Tunic and the Number IX

I was thinking "summer" when I traced this tunic pattern. Spring will be here officially in a few days, you know.

But after more thought, I made a coordinating long-sleeve shirt, so Sara'd be able to wear it now. We did get a blizzard last night, after all.

The rib-knit fabric isn't ideal for this pattern - something drapy-er would be better considering all the gathering, but I wanted to use the fabric and it worked better than I expected.

Both the neckline and hem have casing-enclosed elastic, and the skirt is gathered to the empire bodice with clear elastic. You can see the hem is lower in back than in front.

Sara's at the very beginning of this size range (I made size 140 and she's 135 cm tall), so the tunic is probably meant to be a little shorter.

I managed to get the denim leggings out of just barely a yard of really lightweight stretch denim. Phew! A while back, I made myself denim leggings out of the same piece of fabric, so I knew it'd work well for the purpose. She was skeptical, but I think she'll grow to like them.

And the obligatory age shirt - I have a few more to catch up on. The neckline looks rough - but the raw finish is intended. I wrote about when I made the shirt previously.

Playing with camera perspective (this was Sara's idea - she's an eternal goofball under her quiet demeanor).

The patterns:
Flower Fields Tunic (Ottobre 1-2010-34)
Sorja Slim Fit T-shirt (Ottobre 1-2009-34)
Denim leggings (Ottobre 1-2009-32).

Frenchie Stripes T-shirt (Ottobre 1-2011-30) with a freezer paper stencil embellishment.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mini Wardrobe: Casual Edition

I didn't realize this group of garments was like a mini-wardrobe until I was loading the pictures onto blogger. I was making comfortable basics (yet again), and - lo and behold - they coordinate!

The 3 tops are all from previously used patterns, but the pants are two versions of a new pants pattern.

Outfit 1:
  • Striped v-neck from Jalie 3132. 
  • 5-pocket mocha-colored corduroy jeans from Ottobre Woman 5-2007-10. 

Outfit 2 (below):
  • A self-drafted baseball tee.
  • 5-pocket jeans from Ottobre Woman 5-2007-10

The jeans are from the same pattern as the cords and, as it would happen, fit completely differently. The corduroy is lightweight and stretches more and more throughout the day; the denim has some stretch and really good recovery.

I've been on the search for the perfect jeans, and after wearing these like crazy, I think I've found them. They're a classic 5-pocket jean with a back yoke. The pattern gives you two "leg flare" options. I chose the more flared option, which seems almost straight to me. I would say the waist is somewhere between a high-rise and a mid-rise.

Anyway, I need to make another pair, since I'm starting to get nervous these perfect jeans will wear out!

Outfit 3:

  • Lydia t-shirt - a download from Burdastyle
  • Those jeans again


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