Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mini Wardrobe: Casual Edition

I didn't realize this group of garments was like a mini-wardrobe until I was loading the pictures onto blogger. I was making comfortable basics (yet again), and - lo and behold - they coordinate!

The 3 tops are all from previously used patterns, but the pants are two versions of a new pants pattern.

Outfit 1:
  • Striped v-neck from Jalie 3132. 
  • 5-pocket mocha-colored corduroy jeans from Ottobre Woman 5-2007-10. 

Outfit 2 (below):
  • A self-drafted baseball tee.
  • 5-pocket jeans from Ottobre Woman 5-2007-10

The jeans are from the same pattern as the cords and, as it would happen, fit completely differently. The corduroy is lightweight and stretches more and more throughout the day; the denim has some stretch and really good recovery.

I've been on the search for the perfect jeans, and after wearing these like crazy, I think I've found them. They're a classic 5-pocket jean with a back yoke. The pattern gives you two "leg flare" options. I chose the more flared option, which seems almost straight to me. I would say the waist is somewhere between a high-rise and a mid-rise.

Anyway, I need to make another pair, since I'm starting to get nervous these perfect jeans will wear out!

Outfit 3:

  • Lydia t-shirt - a download from Burdastyle
  • Those jeans again


  1. That's a lovely wardrobe! I find myself reaching for the shirts and pants (and why not?), a lot, so I'd better make some, too. Good for you for sewing for the life you have!

  2. Love both the jeans and the tops!! I need to buy those patterns. I feel like a copycat when I look at your blog. LOL

  3. Great wardrobe. Love the pants

  4. Love the fit of the jeans/pants! Your comfortable basics are pretty much what my entire winter wardrobe is made up of...knit long sleeve tops and jeans.;)

  5. Yea! For comfortable basics!
    You can never have too many.
    My favourite is your striped top.

  6. My winter wardrobe is full on jeans and tops too so yay to you for getting this mini collection done so nicely.

  7. Casual outfits are the best! Your jeans and cords look like a perfect fit. I am thinking of a baseball t-shirt for my next casual tee too. Fantastic job on all your pieces!

  8. How clever to get a mini wardrobe without even planning it! These all look just right together.

  9. I love, love, love the baseball tee. I had a favorite baseball style tee I wore for years until it literally fell apart. Now I want to try and make a replacement...

  10. Those really are perfect jeans! They look incredibly RTW, and the fit on both pants is perfect. Great little capsule!


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