Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mail Express and Movimiento

Mail Express Tunic

Mail Express and Movimiento? I wonder when Ottobre Magazine will run out of names for its patterns, hehe.

Molly's wearing the Mail Express tunic (Ottobre 1-2012-17), which I lengthened into a dress. She styled it with some old Ottobre leggings. 

I think this blue floral fabric may be my favorite Chez Ami knit.

The envelope neck is stitched shut at the shoulders after the fact, so it's really more of a faux-envelope. My binding wants to flip up on the outside edge, though.

Mail Express Tunic

Both the back and front skirts are gathered to the yokes. And the patch pockets are bound.

And next up, in another (older) Chez Ami knit is the Movimiento tunic (Ottobre 3-2013-34). I'm trying to convince Sara she likes this, but she's not going for the tunic idea. Younger sister loves it, so maybe she'll get it in pristine condition next summer.

It's supposed to have a drawstring at the waist (with strips of knit fabric applied inside to form a casing) but I just stitched elastic to the inside. I placed the elastic according to the pattern but, in retrospect, I think it'd look nicer a little higher.

Also shown are the Chica Ciclista Leggings (Ottobre 3-2013-33), which comes in a couple of different lengths.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Claiming my blog

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Here's your chance!

It'd be so much more interesting to lay claim to a gold mine, no?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cake Pavlova Wrap

Sheesh, I made this top 2 months ago, during Cake Pattern's sew-a-long. I really like a good wrap, but have made very few so far. This would be the second top I've made that has long ties wrapping around the waist. The first was a Burdastyle blouse in linen. I had a good laugh when I looked in my closet and realized I'd made two very similar tops in the exact same color. Uh, how often do I sew with coral?

 This top has cut-on sleeves and some unusual construction techniques. I was scrunching my nose a bit while sewing thinking, "This is odd; this isn't going to work." Now that I've figured how to arrange the shirt with the ties, I think it's a really pretty top. I like the style of the wrap and neckline, which strike me as "geisha"-style.

Strangely, the ties are way too short in this size. I say "in this size" because I noted in other sizes people have made, the ties were very long. I managed to tie it, but it'd be more comfortable with a few more inches of tie length.

For personal preference, I'd lengthen the top in a future version. Come to think of it, I do lengthen most tops anyway. In this case, I'll look for (i.e. make) some high-waisted pants.

Some full length shots....

I did cut out and partially stitch the accompanying circle skirt. I did so with reservation as to circle skirts being a good choice for me. But I wanted to make a good faith effort to try it at least once!

Whoa! Wow! Circle skirts are NOT for me! My husband confirmed my thoughts with something to the effect of..."I hate the fabric, and you're more of a cargo pants type gal." Yeah, so, moving on...

If circle skirts ARE for you, note the waistband binding errata.

Below is the back neckline. The neckband is cut a little smaller than the opening, I suppose to pull the neck in a bit. The inside shoulder/neckline corners are reinforced with squares of interfacing, which doesn't make for the prettiest inside finish, naturally.

Below is the back of the bodice, which extends lower than the ties in a sort of flap. That's the part that was odd in my mind. Now, you either have to do something like this, or cut slits in the side seam to allow the ties to pass through and around the waist (which is how it was done in the Burda blouse I mentioned above). So, with a bit of careful arranging, it works.

Friday, May 17, 2013

New Age (shirts)

I'd mostly managed to forget about it, but digging out these pictures from a few weeks ago reminds me that, yes, we had snow into May.

The boys finally got some new age shirts - their birthdays are in the fall and early spring....better late than never?

In half a year, I'll be putting the number 13 on a shirt. It's funny how fast 13 years have flown. Even funnier is the realization that in 6 years, I'll have four teenagers!

This boys' shirt pattern is an excellent knit scrap buster. It is "Beat T-shirt" (Ottobre 3-2010-35).

And the snow melted......

Although the girls' shirts have different pattern numbers, they are clearly the same shirt in different size ranges. Both have envelope necks and a very slim fit in the waist/hip. They keep pulling on the shirts, so I think the slim fit with the looser bodice must feel strange.

The girls' shirts are "Happy Animals T-shirt" (Ottobre 3-2011-12) and "Anchor T-shirt" (Ottobre 3-2011-37).


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