Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mail Express and Movimiento

Mail Express Tunic

Mail Express and Movimiento? I wonder when Ottobre Magazine will run out of names for its patterns, hehe.

Molly's wearing the Mail Express tunic (Ottobre 1-2012-17), which I lengthened into a dress. She styled it with some old Ottobre leggings. 

I think this blue floral fabric may be my favorite Chez Ami knit.

The envelope neck is stitched shut at the shoulders after the fact, so it's really more of a faux-envelope. My binding wants to flip up on the outside edge, though.

Mail Express Tunic

Both the back and front skirts are gathered to the yokes. And the patch pockets are bound.

And next up, in another (older) Chez Ami knit is the Movimiento tunic (Ottobre 3-2013-34). I'm trying to convince Sara she likes this, but she's not going for the tunic idea. Younger sister loves it, so maybe she'll get it in pristine condition next summer.

It's supposed to have a drawstring at the waist (with strips of knit fabric applied inside to form a casing) but I just stitched elastic to the inside. I placed the elastic according to the pattern but, in retrospect, I think it'd look nicer a little higher.

Also shown are the Chica Ciclista Leggings (Ottobre 3-2013-33), which comes in a couple of different lengths.


  1. :) K is in Spanish 1 this year so she had fun attempting to translate the clothing names in the summer Ottobre. Both look great! I really like the CA print that you used for the Mail Express tunic. I had the "Movimiento" tagged for K with extra length to be a dress but so far she isn't interested...ah, kids and their opinions!

    1. Ah, I know it! I did lengthen this tunic a little, but it's still not quite dress length.

  2. They both look sweet and lovely fabric designs too!!

  3. That CA knit is gorgeous on your little one with blue binding and both girls look great.

  4. Love the knit fabrics you used for both of these!

  5. These are both such lovely little dresses. Your children are so cute :)

  6. Your children have grown so much I can hardly believe it! I love what you have sewn, and have had direct experience of children who know what they want to wear. My eldest daughter would throw a tantrum if I tried to get her to wear dungarees or shorts, while her sister had a big thing for orange and yellow together!

  7. I would not have the patience to make an envelope neck that just get sewn shut. Kudos to you! Both looks are adorable.


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