Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An 11-piece Summer Wardrobe

Red paisley t-shirt and khaki shorts. 

In an effort to organize the frantic ramblings of patterns, fabric, and clothing needs racing through my mind, I decided to plan a rough wardrobe for Sara and use that as a guide. The number of garments grew as I sewed, since I did a few multiples, but here's what I (I mean, she) ended up with:

- 1 pair shorts
- 1 pair capris
- 2 dresses
- 1 sweatshirt
- 4 t-shirts
- 1 summer blouse

Surprise, surprise, I used Ottobre patterns for all but one of the garments.

T-shirt with butterflies and stretch capris.

The red shirt above and the butterfly shirt are both (Ottobre 3-2010-31). I used a very lightweight stretch poplin-like fabric for the capris (Ottobre 3-2009-34), and apparently they're super comfortable, as they've gotten a lot of use so far. The side leg vents (not visible) are a nice feature. They zip on the side.

These interesting front pockets are another nice feature - they might be even more interesting if they were wide enough to be really useable! In a future pair, I'll lower the opening a bit.

And we have another duo top! These random pink knit scraps (from Hobby Lobby ages ago) worked perfectly for "Crystal Lizard Jersey Top" (Ottobre 1-2010-33). I knew she'd hate the shirt because it's pink, but went for it anyway. I noticed she quietly folded her new pink shirt and put it on her sister's dresser. Well, somebody will wear it anyway.

The next shirt is the same pattern, but in a single fabric. It has an elasticated neckline, giving it a peasant dress feel.

Wait, that's not 11 pieces! Stay tuned for the rest....


  1. Looks like a good summer wardrobe!

  2. Isn't in to pink, huh? I'm always amazed by your wardrobe sewing. I need to get my hands on a copy of Ottobre now that I have a little one to sew for. They seem to have the best kid's patterns.

    1. I think they have the best kids' patterns!

  3. So impressed with the wardrobe! I am really taken with the peasant neck shirt. I'll have to check that out for K.

    Those capris are super cute too; funny about the pockets - you think they would test drive those things before releasing!

  4. What a cute summer wardrobe. I need to sew more for my kids again.

  5. You make me get out my Ottobres :-) ! That's such a cute yet practical wardrobe.

  6. Sara looks just lovely in all pieces, and everything looks so practical too. You are such a generous and unselfish seamstress, and so productive :)

  7. What a nice wardrobe! That many pieces will take her through the whole summer.

  8. These are all great pieces.
    I like how she quietly passed on the pink top too. That was a very kind gesture to her mom.


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