Saturday, August 31, 2013

Girls in Mustaches

Can you tell someone is grumpy? We had just gotten back from an impromptu vacation (that sounds better than 'we didn't plan a single thing until the very last minute') and were all bit short on sleep. Molly cheered up when I suggested she hug her sister.

The night before our trip, I thought I'd sift through my knits to see if there was a good one for making myself a quick t-shirt. When Molly spotted the mustache fabric, she insisted it was impossible for her to go on vacation without a mustache dress.

So, one dress turned into two, and, for good measure, I added in a gray mustache t-shirt for big sister (Ottobre 1-2010-33).

The dresses are the super-quick Skater Dress pattern from Kitschy Coo.

We took a 3-day trip up the North Shore, on the Minnesota side of Lake Superior. There's nothing like taking a trip with 5 kids to make you realize that your regular life isn't nearly as exhausting as you thought it was!

Mustaches in the foreground
Gooseberry Falls in the background. 

 What it looks like when parents "hike" with 4 year olds. 
Since you're wondering, I'm wearing an unblogged Ottobre sweatshirt, modified Ottobre shorts, and a hand-drafted t-shirt.

An anchor in Duluth, Minnesota. 

The famous Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth. 

Roasting marshmallows around the fire in preparation for making S'mores. 

 S'more consumption in an Ottobre sweatshirt.

S'more [a contraction of "some more", I think]:
Roasted marshmallow
Hershey's chocolate
sandwiched between two graham crackers.

Hiking, hiking, hiking. The dizzying view is below Cascade Falls. 

 Fake consumption of an impressive mushroom.

 A stilt sandpiper.

The Scandinavian-infused tourist attractions are humorous. Above, Molly's ferocious Viking heritage is coming through. 

 On the rocky shore of Lake Superior. The kids built a land (pebble) bridge out to a rock. It doesn't look like much, but it was no small effort for them to pile up all those rocks.

 Canoeing on a shallow, lazy river.

 Enjoying the sand on the world's largest sandbar (so they say).
Although the water was frigid (a park ranger told us it was 45 degrees), there were a few dozen people swimming.

A cedar waxwing.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little Robots

This fabulous robot linen came to live with us last summer. But as each piece was only 1 yard, I realize I'd better hurry up and stitch something before 1 yard wasn't enough for a girls' dress. 1 yard was *just* enough for a sleeveless for my 7 yo.

Both girls wanted the pink, but Grace "clearly remembered" that pink was the color she had chosen a year ago. I reasoned with Molly that she'd eventually wear the pink one, too. That may have been a stretch for 4 year old logic, though.

This one's a basic sleeveless with invisible zip in the back.I faced the edges with bias tape.

The only disappointment is the armholes are rather large. And oh, it seems I didn't match the seems, which I didn't notice until just now (?). We'll blame that on two miles of gathering stitches. Never mind, it's just folded funny. (Yes, I checked, hehe.)

Both dresses are from the Japanese book Home Couture for Girls by Machiko Kayaki. The sizes come in 10cm increments (as opposed to Ottobre's 6cm increments), so the "out-of-the-envelope" fit will be a little less precise. And the ease is more generous than Ottobre's.

I thought I'd include some photos of the instructions in case you were curious. As you can see, the illustrations are quite good and, if you already know the sewing techniques themselves, I think are sufficient for putting the dress together - especially in the case of the simple patterns in this book.

I like the shape of Molly's dress a lot better - with the French-sleeves and empire waist.

The matching doll dress was actually biggest sister Sara's idea (since I wasn't making her anything from robot fabric!) A few years ago, my mom made this cloth doll complete with clothes and a little suitcase shaped fabric house from a vintage doll pattern -- and she traced the patterns for me. So I agreed to use the simple pinafore pattern to whip up a little dress.

Sara apparently takes my sewing mania as a manner of course because, while I was stitching this doll dress, she brought me this Doll Wardrobe Plan, complete with fabric recommendations!!

It was so funny - when I asked Molly to give me side and back views of her dress, she carefully held the doll so I could get side and back views of that dress, too.


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