Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little Robots

This fabulous robot linen came to live with us last summer. But as each piece was only 1 yard, I realize I'd better hurry up and stitch something before 1 yard wasn't enough for a girls' dress. 1 yard was *just* enough for a sleeveless for my 7 yo.

Both girls wanted the pink, but Grace "clearly remembered" that pink was the color she had chosen a year ago. I reasoned with Molly that she'd eventually wear the pink one, too. That may have been a stretch for 4 year old logic, though.

This one's a basic sleeveless with invisible zip in the back.I faced the edges with bias tape.

The only disappointment is the armholes are rather large. And oh, it seems I didn't match the seems, which I didn't notice until just now (?). We'll blame that on two miles of gathering stitches. Never mind, it's just folded funny. (Yes, I checked, hehe.)

Both dresses are from the Japanese book Home Couture for Girls by Machiko Kayaki. The sizes come in 10cm increments (as opposed to Ottobre's 6cm increments), so the "out-of-the-envelope" fit will be a little less precise. And the ease is more generous than Ottobre's.

I thought I'd include some photos of the instructions in case you were curious. As you can see, the illustrations are quite good and, if you already know the sewing techniques themselves, I think are sufficient for putting the dress together - especially in the case of the simple patterns in this book.

I like the shape of Molly's dress a lot better - with the French-sleeves and empire waist.

The matching doll dress was actually biggest sister Sara's idea (since I wasn't making her anything from robot fabric!) A few years ago, my mom made this cloth doll complete with clothes and a little suitcase shaped fabric house from a vintage doll pattern -- and she traced the patterns for me. So I agreed to use the simple pinafore pattern to whip up a little dress.

Sara apparently takes my sewing mania as a manner of course because, while I was stitching this doll dress, she brought me this Doll Wardrobe Plan, complete with fabric recommendations!!

It was so funny - when I asked Molly to give me side and back views of her dress, she carefully held the doll so I could get side and back views of that dress, too.


  1. Oh my! Cute dresses, great fabric, and beautiful girls!!!

  2. your kids are just so stinking cute! I love when they make lists for us to make. It's as if we are super heroes and can do it all :D Yay for us!

  3. your daughters and the doll are just too cute. those dresses are fabulous. it's fantastic you manage to sew so much for them all! i agree japanese patterns are easier then you may think...the drawings and markings make it manageable

  4. Very cute! I have used that same reasoning with my daughter that is one size smaller; I tell her, you will wear this next year! I try to not always make identical things for them, but then they both want the same fabric...ugh!

  5. lovely lovely little girls and dresses too - as a mother of sons I envy you the chance to play dress up with your real live dolls.


  6. I love the photographs of Molly having her doll pose for the photos too, adorable. That is great fabric, girlie robots!, and a perfect style of dress to showcase it.
    Maybe Sara can sew the doll wardrobe? We still have a dollie with an excellent mix and match collection sewn by my daughters at about 7 or 8, even though the co ordinating girl clothes have long gone to the cousins. I seem to remember that it was a lot of work for me though -these things are easier in retrospect ;).

  7. Very pretty dresses! The doll wardrobe is very well thought out; I'd love these pieces for myself!

  8. Both your girls look adorable in their new dresses. My youngest still loves inheriting clothes from her sister (at age 13!) so I am sure it will all work out! It's extra nice to have a matching dolls dress, too.

  9. Oh my gosh, cute!! They are adorable and they obviously love their robot dresses!

  10. The doll wardrobe plan is to die for. I am so in love with it!

    The dresses are adorable. I am always impressed with the illustrations in the Japanese pattern books; it makes the language barrier no barrier at all.


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