Saturday, September 21, 2013

Twist Knot

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you may be thinking, wow, that's not the subdued type of print I'm used to seeing here! I bought two yards of this stuff on the internets about five years ago, before I was fabric-wise, and it immediately became a what-was-I-thinking-fabric. I like the colors, but wasn't expecting such a large-scale print. And I'm not fond of slinky-feeling fabrics, which is essentially the definition of ITY.

Fast-forward five years....I wanted to try this twist knot dress pattern (Ottobre 2-2013-19). What fabric should I sacrifice for the trial? Ah, the ITY I should have given away years ago.

Turns out, I like ITY. When worn, it feels a lot weightier than it does in the hand. I feel a little like the big furry creature in Green Eggs and Ham, haha.

I love the comments I get from my kids whenever I make something new. They are my go-to-crowd for unfiltered comments. They all thought the print was unusual for me - and my 11 year old thought it was a cowboy print.

Uh, what?

Because there are "bulls with rings in their noses".

Now, what about the dress pattern, itself? I didn't have high expectations, because I haven't actually put together one of these twist-knot styles before, and didn't know how the wrapped bodice would work on me. The construction takes some thought, and I ended up hand-stitching one of the openings for the twist, so it wouldn't pull open, but I am quite impressed with the end result! The fit is spot-on.

Now, where can I find some more ITY?

I finished the back neckline with FOE. Stretched ever so slightly, it helps prevent back-neck gape-age.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making Use of My TNTs

The appeal of the new pattern grips me just as much as it does most of the rest of you. (I know who you are; I read your blogs!) But falling back on the tried and true patterns is kind of like settling in with a nice stew and fresh baked bread. You pretty much know what you're going to get.

This t-shirt pattern is a hand-drafted one and I've lost count how many times I've stitched it. I change the neckline and sleeve length from time to time, but like the general fit. One funny thing about making the same pattern over and over again is that you really really get a feel for how differently fabrics behave. I hope someday I'll be able to use this experience to better predict a fabric's behavior so I can make appropriate adjustments beforehand.

The 4 shirts (cut from 3 different fabrics) you see here are cut the same and fit differently.
1. The teal (with scoop neck) is a cotton jersey and has the best fit - a good compromise between fitted and relaxed
2. The short and long sleeve green versions are cotton jersey with lycra. I love this fabric generally speaking, but it has such good "recovery" that it actually feels tight.
3. The last one (below) is from a slinky cotton/poly is loosey goosey.

Seriously, I just realized all my new shirts are green! Huh.

 The other TNT is the pants/shorts pattern from Ottobre 2-2002-40, which I've made multiple times in both shorts and capri pants.

Funky pockets

I love the fit of the pants, but the funky pockets are more for aesthetics than for function. I finally gave them some new pockets. My hands are very happy.

New pockets

Do you have any TNTs?


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