Friday, November 22, 2013

Plaid and Denim

So, this would be my new favorite shirt. I'm trying not to wear it all the time.

I have several stash fabrics earmarked for more versions. For this seersucker plaid, I drove all the way to the mega-warehouse and went to some strenuous effort pulling the bolt out from the stack at the fabric warehouse. Actually, "pulling out" doesn't work, even though I try. It's more like taking each bolt out, one by one, until I get to "my" bolt conveniently located near the bottom. I will say, though, I'm grateful to have the huge selection, however overwhelming.

Back to the shirt .... It's the classic shirt-blouse, but with some nice shaping to it. I had a previous "go-to" shirt blouse (Ottobre 5-2009-4), but I like this one much better with the longer, curved hem, shaped side seams, shoulder darts, and pockets. For reference, this one is "Gardener Blouse", Ottobre 5-2012-7).

Oh, the front bodice is supposed to be in two panels with different fabrics. I went rogue and did all one fabric. Ooooh.

This is my 3rd iteration of the jeans, this time with a floral pocket design. There's not much to say about them except I like the pattern enough to keep making it (Ottobre 5-2007-10). Maybe someday I'll get bored or happen to run into a fit I like better.

I did hem them quite long. It looks almost silly now but, never fail, my jeans get shorter and shorter and shorter. And then they do look silly.

Look, the facing matches my shirt!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some fancy godets and my silliest sewing mistake yet

 Well, sewing a sleeve to the neck and appliqueing the "back" of a shirt may have been sillier mistakes, but this one caused me the most grief, I think.

Can you spot the mistake? I thought it looked funny all along, but I kept right on sewing and finished it up. Then I saw the yoke piece sitting on my sewing table...

I'll be honest, I had my daughter try the pants on to see if, by some miracle, the pants might fit without the yoke. Uh, no.

Blurry, but yoked. 

So, now they're fixed and the fit is excellent. They are certainly skinny pants and stretch fabric would work well with these if you wanted to leave off the fun godets. Sara begged me to remove the godets. I knew she would hate them, but I made them because *I* like them. So, I really made them for middle sister who, for her part, loves a certain amount of bling.

The pants are "Soyala" Velveteen Pants (Ottobre 1-2012-25) and the t-shirt is a nice basic raglan (Ottobre 4-2013-33).

The pants have some growing room, but you can see the godets are shirred with elastic thread.

But wait, the godets are not all!

The pockets are a lot of fun, too.


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