Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some Geeky Goodness

It was time for another birthday shirt, but this year I decided to mix it up a bit. Letters and Arabic numerals were fun. Roman numerals were more fun. But Elvish numerals are even more fun than that. I googled around to find the number "13", since Elvish is not my first language. Apparently, their numbers are in base-12, as opposed to our base-10. Who would've thought?

I thought an atom shirt would also make a great statement piece.

Peter readily approved of both shirts, but did note it wasn't a terribly correct model of an atom...

The shirts are from the Jalie 2918 pattern, which I've made umpteen times. 17 times, actually!

I threw in two more shirts in the v-neck version of the tee, mainly to use up some of this weird chest-stripe polyester pique. Now, you have to have exactly the right size of shirt in order to get that chest stripe, or else you have to waste a lot of fabric. It makes me curious about the manufacturing process of these they create separate runs of the fabric for different shirt sizes?

I just let the stripes go where they ended up, for some interesting effects.

Last up, some out-of-the ordinary sweatpants - Cheveyo Cargo Sweatpants (Ottobre 1-2012-31). Let me tell you, just about when I was trying to make cargo pockets out of sweatshirt fleece !!! I was thinking this was a terrible idea. But now that they're finished, I'm quite pleased with the result.

They have a bit of a skinny pant shape, and of course all the pockets are very fun. The fly is faux. Peter was very thrilled with these pants.


  1. Such a great idea about the birthday shirt, and great outfits all around!

  2. I've never heard of elvish...I'll have to go and google it. Great shirts!

  3. I love them all! Elvish is perfect for the upcoming hobbit movie. (of which my fam is obsessed!). The pants look great too.

    What kind of fabric paint are you using? It looks awesome! Do you use freezer paper? 2 coats?

  4. Nice pieces! I love that he corrected your atom. :) I've been looking at those sweatpants and thinking cargo pockets in sweatshirt fleece sounded painful, but they do look awfully cool!

  5. Love that you have updated your birthday T-shirts in a way that's still cool to wear. Strange about the Elvish - it's all we speak around here ;)

  6. Very nice birthday wardrobe. I think that's known as the Walt Disney atom, makes a cool shirt.

  7. Yay Elvish! So excited for Hobbit pt. 2!

  8. You always make the neatest birthday shirts!;)

  9. Great shirts--love them! How cool, cargo pockets on sweatpants. My son would love these!

  10. Very nice! And I think the sweatpants are definitely more than ordinary!


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