Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Garments of the Old Year

Post-Christmas, I stitched up a few cozy items for Molly. She ends up wearing a few select comfortable favorites from her closet, which I've become weary of seeing. Plus, they're really too shabby for public viewing.

I used my trusty Kitschy Coo Skater Dress pattern for the two dresses. Molly chose some beloved fabrics from stash.  The fox fabric didn't live in stash for long, unsurprisingly!

The brown floral jersey is from Chez Ami and the fox print is from Girl Charlee.

The tunic is remake of an out-grown, holey garment: The Hilda Hooded Dress (Ottobre 6-2007-27) out of some heavy and firm interlock jersey from Chez Ami (weird fabric, difficult to use).

I lined the hood for a cleaner finish and some interest.

And these leggings are probably the simplest pattern I own: Lily Leggings (Ottobre 6-2007-28). One pattern piece means no outseams.

The red jersey leggings shown above are from this pattern as well.

Here, I used a very stretchy denim, but stitched them with some extra ease, which seems to have been a good choice.


  1. She is so cute. I can relate to being tired of seeing certain garments! I love the little skaters and they do look very cozy. I have some of the fox fabric too :) The hoodie is cute, but the fabric does look heavy. I love the little "jeggings" I just cut out another pair of my 1 piece legging pattern for K today too! I hope you all had a merry xmas. And a wonderful New Year :D

  2. My youngest daughter wears the same clothes repeatedly too (she's 15!). She likes comfort, and prefers buying shoes. I wonder if your daughter will be the same! These new pieces look likely contenders for new favourites. The colours and patterns are sweet for a younger girl and they look cosy too. I wish I had known about Ottobre when mine were little, their clothes are more practical and up to date than what I could find back then.

  3. Happy New Year to you Joy. Molly looks very cosy and warm. She has a great eye for colour and style. I'll have to look at the skater dress for my niece because your versions look really cute and versatile.

  4. Very cute :O), the hoody is super cute with those leggins. A one piece pattern that has to sew up nice and fast!

  5. Can't beat comfy clothes! I love the Skater dresses, especially the foxes!

  6. She is adorable! I get weary of seeing my daughter wear certain things over and over too while other stuff stays stashed in the drawer. I guess I am guilty of the same thing too; we all have our favorites. :) I always enjoy seeing what you make for your kids!


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