Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun with Stencils and My 500th Ottobre Garment!!!

Yes, I do keep track of important things like this. This week, I officially sewed my 500th Ottobre Magazine garment. The first Ottobre garments came off my sewing machine 7 years ago, in 2009. They were two t-shirts made from the Ottobre Workshop 301, and were pretty much stretched-out disasters made from ribbing. Oh, how much I've learned since then!

My stairsteps all turned a year older this winter. Their age shirts were a bit belated, so I made them short-sleeved for a change. Now if the girls would just stop growing so the shirts will fit when it warms up!

I did the usual freezer paper stenciling here.

The sleeveless/cap sleeve top is the Watermelon Top (Ottobre 3-2013-29). I wonder if the top runs a little short? Maybe that's the intended fit. The sleeve hems are finished with bands.

Six year old's top is Brave Fireman Raglan Tee (Ottobre 3-2013-9), and is shown as a boys' top in the magazine. As it's meant for such a little person, I thought it wouldn't make much of a difference in fit, but in hindsight I would have preferred the slimmer cut of a girls' top on her.

My 14 year old has graduated out of "age" shirts, haha! He designed the "Scandium" shirt above. Guess who got to cut out all the little stencil pieces? But I love how it turned out.

Younger brother chose a dragon for his shirt, but didn't like the scratchy feel of the raglan seams on this one, so big brother got two shirts.

This shirt is Beisbol Raglan Tee (Ottobre 3-2013-39). I really like the fit of this one, although it's much nicer in the softer, stretchier jersey (gray) than in the stiffer interlock (blue).


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